We help good business grow and big business get better. Every workshop, programme or keynote we deliver is guided by TYF's BCorp mission of helping clients become a force for good, maximising their positive impact for investors, employees, communities and nature.

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It turns out that ‘common sense’ isn’t that common, and that the actions that make business really fly high are taught in school, college or uni. Work that should be straightforward isn’t and problems that could be small end up consuming hours or years of grief. 

Having learned teamwork high in the mountains, with rescue teams in the Australian desert, on the beach and as crew for the RNLI lifeboat, it was a small step to use our insights to create new experiential (learning by doing) programmes that showed strengths and gaps in teamwork and leadership with crystal clarity. We took to the phones and the road and picked work with the likes of Body Shop, Bank of England, Stena Line, Tetra Pak and Panasonic. A series of workshops we ran for Sony saved them the equivalent of £100m of sales in 100 days. 

Since 2008 have only worked with organisations who recognise that the need for change was bigger than the need for profit alone. We support good businesses who are ready to grow, bigger ones who know they need to change, and the public sector organisations who run the backbone of services that keep society ticking.

We work with a skilled team of permanent and associate staff to tailor delivery to your specific needs.