An inspired long life of adventure

We are adventure pioneers. We introduced the world to coasteering, started the world freestyle kayaking championships and are at the forefront of low-impact adventures. We give customers the skills, confidence and connections to become independent adventurers, ready for a lifetime of nature-friendly, health-giving exploration with family and friends. 

Participants on TYF’s education programmes learn how to work together on saltwater and coastal adventures and grow the skills to make a difference in their schools, communities and lives. We use programmes in nature and the classroom to help young people grow unshakeable confidence in their ability to change the world for the better.

Our team have scoured the land and chosen brands who care about creating long-lasting ethical, Fair trade, organic cotton products with lifetime guarantees. We’re proud to be sustainability leader Patagonia’s second-oldest UK retail partner. Today we are pleased to work with fellow B-Corps and ethical suppliers including Thought Clothing, Cotopaxi and Sherpa.

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