About Us

 TYF are committed to using the power of play and learning in wild places to reconnect people to each other, our environment, and the shift needed to rebalance wellbeing. We are pioneers, we are fighters and we are hard workers. We use the power of business to make a positive impact for our employees, community and nature. We laugh, we cry and we play, and most of all, we love the privilege of sharing our magical land with others.


Head, heart and soul, we’re committed to running TYF in a way that maximises the well-being our teams, customers, suppliers and community. As a certified Real Living Wage Employer with progressive work practices, we try to walk the talk and share what we learn widely and freely with others.


Located in the stunning Pembrokeshire Coast National Park in Wales, The TYF Group knows a thing or two about a great environment and how to provide the best sustainable adventures.

The local area offers some of the cleanest coastal waters in Europe. It is also very rich in wildlife and features some incredible landscapes and seascapes. We’re taking action to protect our planet for future generations, and hope that our initiatives inspire others.


Act locally, think globally. We address world issues such as climate change and pollution of the seas by taking action locally.

We also work to support the local community and economy as much as we can by providing employment, buying local produce, using local services, and protecting the local environment.

TYF staff regularly spend time on local community projects, either through an individual employee’s choice or as a group intervention.