Since we invented Coasteering in 1986 we have helped over 100,000 of our customers explore the Pembrokeshire Coast. 

Coasteering with TYF

As you scramble around pristine cliffs, swim between rocks and jump from land to sea, your arms, legs and mind will stretch. You’ll reach new levels of joy. This is true adventure. 

Experience the saltwater fun and excitement of the world’s first coasteering routes, with the pioneers who invented the sport. Whether you want to go flat out and breathless, or choose a slower exploration, TYF guarantee high-quality adventures at a level that’s right for you."

You’ll be coasteering on Pembrokeshire’s ruggedly handsome coastline and swimming in it’s delicious clean waters which are best enjoyed in the company of friends, family or like-minded adventurers. TYF’s guides will keep you safe, teach you about nature and enable you to play.

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What is coasteering?

Coasteering was invented by TYF in 1986. It is an exhilarating blend of scrambling, leaping and traversing along the coastline, where the sea meets the land. There are spots to jump, stretches to swim, caves to explore and waves to navigate.

How long is a coasteering session?

Our coasteering sessions go ahead in all but the most extreme conditions. 

What equipment do I need?

You Bring

  • Swimwear

  • Old shorts (to wear over your wetsuit)

  • Towel

  • A sturdy pair of old trainers (NOT wetsuit boots or neoprene beach shoes)

TYF Provide

  • Helmet

  • 5mm winter wetsuit

  • Buoyancy aid

  • Wetsuit socks, gloves and hoods in the winter months 

What if I can't swim?

When coasteering you have to wear a buoyancy aid, so being able to swim is not a requirement. We run these sessions at a small ratio of 1 guide to 8 participants which enables close support and supervision. 

How long is the coasteering session?

Our family and adult coasteering sessions are 3.5 hours long. 

Our sessions start at TYF HQ where you will meet your guide, get changed into a warm dry wetsuit and then walk the 15-20 minutes down to the coast where the adventure begins. At the end of your adventure you are walked back to the changing rooms to get changed. You should be in the water for around 2 hours. 

It was clear to us from the very early days that we’d created something magical with coasteering, and we knew it would have been relatively easy to set up a chain of coasteering centres around the UK. We chose not to do that, and grow slow, and grow strong instead. 

Our efforts and energy have focused on changing the game for our customers rather than grow the pot for ourselves. TYF have worked relentlessly to raise environmental and social standards in the adventure industry and in the last 10 years; our reward has come in the form of invitations to work with Ministers and sector leaders to help shape the legislation that shapes the future. 

We have watched with pride as other businesses followed our lead to make coasteering available around the world. Our mission now is to get them to care as much as we do and give more back to nature than they take, by taking actions such as switching to 100% renewable energy for their business operations, certifying with B Corp, working with environmental NGOs, schools and universities to shape the future.You’ll quite possibly have have seen our salty, smiling faces coasteering on the big screen with the BBC, ITV, Sky or online whilst teaching some incredibly talented, if a little wobbly broadcasters how we do it.We are so grateful to be able to share the joy with so many people, and we’d love to share it with you.