Pembrokeshire has some of the best climbing locations in the UK, suitable for all abilities. With some of the very best climbing guides in the UK, TYF offers world-class coaching through a range of opportunities for beginners and advanced climbers in equal measure.

Any climbing session with TYF will allow you to get to grips with the compact sandstone sea cliffs of north Pembrokeshire. If you are new to the sport or have clocked up a few hours on a climbing wall or crag then this course will help to put you on the route to learning the basics of safety and technique and allow you to make the most of rock climbing.


Coastal Climb

posiesmiles, 29th August 2019

My daughter loves climbing so we booked her on to a climbing session while we were on holiday. It transpired that she was the only person booked onto the session so she had one to one tuition with her instructor Ben. 

Ben was brilliant, and encouraged my daughter to push herself without scaring her! She had an amazing time climbing the cliffs at Porth Clais and is still buzzing about it days later. Thank you Ben for giving Matilda such a wonderful experience.


Suzie1996, 31st July 2019

We had a brilliant experience climbing down at Porthclais with TYF. Our instructor was professional but great fun too and gave you a great feeling of safety for people with limited experience. Highly recommended

Rock Climbing and Coasteering

daveaS2644GH, 18th August 2017

Had a great timing doing the popular Coasteering with our guide Ella. A short walk with your instructor from St David's to stunning coastline to scramble and jump into the sea with quality wetsuits that make the sea feel like the Mediterranean Your kids will love it. They will adapt the session to what you want to do (high or low jumps) Great fun! 

Also had a perfect Rock Climbing session with Matt, who knows his stuff and effortlessly made everyone feel safe and relaxed and made the most out of all the climbs we did. Helpful tips on climbing techniques too. He belayed us climbing so we spent the most time climbing. Nice to see the sea beneath you when you're climbing I've used several companies in the past giving climbing taster sessions to adults and kids and TYF was the best I've seen yet. TYF also provides the kids with proper rock climbing shoes if they don't already have them (other companies don't) so they get the best out of the climbs. You get what you pay for, and having used TYF I really rate then ,

Great climbing in an amazing location

Bertina32, 13th April 2019

I booked a climbing afternoon for my 14-year-old son with this adventure company. He had done a little climbing before but was certainly not very experienced. He met the instructors at the office in Saint Davids and was taken by minibus to Porthclais. All specialist equipment was provided. There were five other people climbing in the group with two instructors. He abseiled down from the top of the cliff above the sea and then climbed the rock face five times in the 3 and a half hour session. He said the instructors were encouraging, health and safety conscious and good fun. He returned full of enthusiasm having had a wonderful afternoon. We felt the whole experience was excellent value for money. 

I was able to find a comfortable spot on the cliff opposite to watch the afternoon’s climbing and have a lovely video of my son climbing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which climbing session is right for me?


Our Discover sessions are perfect for beginners of all ages, so whether you are taking your first steps on a board, taking your first few strokes with a paddle, jumping off your first cliff or just fancy a slightly slower pace, then this option is for you. 

Children who are 12 and under will need to be accompanied by an adult. Children aged under 8 may need to be booked onto a private session, call the Booking Office on 01437 721 611 to discuss. 


These progressive sessions are for the more adventurous and are suitable for ages 13 and above. You should be comfortable in the water, enjoy a challenge and you can expect a slightly faster pace to the session.

Where do TYF climbing sessions take place?

Our climbing sessions typically take place at either St. Davids Head or off the slabs at Porthclais. 

What equipment do I need?

You Bring

  • Well-fitting trainers

  • Active clothing

TYF Provide

  • Climbing helmet

  • Harness

  • Climbing ropes

  • Gear (hexes, belays, prusiks etc)

What if I can't swim?

Our climbing sessions take place on dry land, don't worry!

How many people will I be with?

Our climbing sessions are run on a ratio of one guide to six customers. This ensures that you get lots of climbing in and are kept safe for the duration of your session.

How long is the climbing session?

All of our climbing sessions are 3.5 hours long. You can expect to spend around 2.5 hours on the cliff tops and you should fit in at least three climbs/abseils. 

A session includes some basic skills work, a safety briefing, bouldering and an introduction to how to set up your abseil.  training session on rigging up the ropes.