Core activities

From £47.50 per person.

Pembrokeshire has some of the best climbing locations in the UK, suitable for all abilities. With some of the very best climbing guides in the UK, TYF offers world-class coaching through a range of opportunities for beginners and advanced climbers in equal measure.

Any climbing session with TYF will allow you to get to grips with the compact sandstone sea cliffs off north Pembrokeshire. If you are new to the sport or have clocked up a few hours on a climbing wall or crag then this course will help to put you on the route to learning the basics of safety and technique and allow you to make the most of rock climbing.

Incorporating the dramatic sea caves and sailing through the narrow rock gorges this trip circumnavigates Ramsey Island looking for the Atlantic Grey Seals and Harbour Porpoise along with a multitude of both migrating and nesting seabirds.

The trip duration is 1 to 1.5 hours depending on season and logistics.

On this unique wild swimming adventure you will walk stretches of Pembrokeshire's world-famous coastal paths before enjoying a dip in its wild waters.

Be prepared to immerse yourself in the joy and thrill of wild swimming whilst also having the option to challenge your limits in a supportive environment by venturing in with just a swimsuit and in all weathers.

The benefits of cold water dipping for mental health benefits and resilience has been found time after time in current research. So this session allows us to show students the benefits of cold water exposure, as well as unravelling current research and the importance of mental health


From £35 per person.

Nature Connection

Connection to nature is embedded within all our core offerings whilst also being offered as a stand alone mindful coastal walk, and/or optional wild swim. This deep dive into connecting to what matters is the perfect way to ground into nature's beauty, awe and wonder. We'll explore the 5 Pathways to Nature Connectedness whilst weaving in the 5 Ways to Wellbeing through a series of effective and engaging exercises that will leave you wanting more.

Ocean Literacy & Blue Health

We'll dive into the background to Ocean Literacy, what it is and why it is important, whilst linking this into the growing Blue Health movement giving an overview of why and how blue space is good for our health and wellbeing. Furthermore, challenges facing the ocean will be explored and how we can collectively overcome these as actively engaged ocean citizens.

Carbon Literacy & Climate Fresk

This unique and thought-provoking session combines the Carbon Literacy and Climate Fresk approaches to deliver an insightful and rewarding experience. This practical workshop supports businesses and individuals on their net zero journey leaving everyone inspired and motivated to take climate positive action as role models of a zero carbon world. 

Food Literacy

In this session we will explore food literacy, food citizenship and food systems change, enabling you to gain a holistic understanding of the importance of a resilient, thriving and circular food system, interrelationships with our health, wellbeing and productivity as well as the challenges and issues facing the food system and what we can do about it. 

Compass for Life

What's your super North Star? Our tried and tested Compass for Life workshop enables you to think big and ask yourself "what would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?". We'll then build a toolkit and set you on a path of discovery to bold ambition. 

Free activities

These activities are free is self led, and £33 per person if guided by TYF.

Challenge your navigational skills while engaging in this exciting and challenging sport. TYF have carefully designed routes to suit all abilities.

Navigating on foot, this activity involves locating concealed checkpoints using a compass, map and a good dose of initiative. It's a great choice of activity if you are looking to devlop teamwork and problem solving skills. 

Spend a sunny afternoon playing wide games on one of the magnificent Pembrokeshire beaches. From Water Bucket Relay, to Ultimate Frisbee and Beach Art.

The Gauntlet is a multi part challenge that works well for teams of all sizes. Tasks include a variety of physical and mental challenges to engage every team member.

To successfully complete the range of gauntlet challenges, the team will have to assign roles, demonstrate innovative thinking, and leadership.

Learn about some of our cultural history and discover more about the patron saint of Wales.

This short tour takes a look around the Cathedral which has been a site of worship and pilgrimage for over 800 years, explores the Bishops Palace and discovers the myths and legends in the local landscape. 

A selection of wide-area and classic games designed to burn off excess energy, promote outdoor play and physical literacy while bringing the group together with a light touch of teambuilding skills.

Games include Kick It Cricket, Ultimate Frisbee, Stuck in the Mud, Volley Bll, Slacklining, Rounders, Duck Duck Goose & Cat & Mouse. Exact games are dependent on the location and the group

The Pembrokeshire Coast Path twists and turns its way around some of the most magnificent coastline in the UK.

Our guided walks take in some of the best bits and participants get the opportunity to learn about the different types of unique flora and fauna, engage in team building activities or develop navigation skills. 

Other activities

From £35 per person.

Looking to add that extra bit of adventure to your residential then look no further.

Small groups learn the basics of good campcraft and set up their bivvies before sleeping out for the night. 

A fully guided trip that encourages children to start exploring at an early age. This 3.5-hour Rockpool exploration allows younger pupils to explore the interesting marine life living in the tough intertidal zone and leave with the knowledge and experience to explore the beaches and coves of Pembrokeshire independently and responsibly. 

Carefully nurtured sparks become the fires on which bold projects are forged and shaped. Set the World Alight teaches the art of fire from scratch using bow drilling, flint and steel, valuing it as a life skill and as metaphor for creativity, growth and impact.

Students will make their own fire, knead dough and cook bread twists and use their fire to both set their dreams alight and turn their fears to ashes.

This activity is great when partnered with coastal crag climbing and involves a hike to the top of Carn Llidi (594 ft) where students can enjoy the panoramic views of St. Davids Peninsular and on a clear day even see across to Ireland.

This walk is led by our experienced and knowledgeable guides and includes information about iron age settlements, plane crashes and forgotten villages.

When you book a debrief session with TYF you also add an experienced facilitator to your group for all of your activities who will work with participants to unlock their potential and share goals. 

The session takes place on the final evening of your residential where our adventure guides use a variety of reviewing techniques and activities to help programme participants draw learning and meaning from their adventurous experiences over the course of their time with TYF. This involves reflecting on and sharing achievements with each other, ultimately strengthening relationships with their peers and their environment.

Led by experienced world percussion experts, our Samba Workshops teach the craft of rhythm and music and bring groups together in a unique way.

You’ll get the chance to try your hand at a variety of drums and hand percussion, whilst gaining an authentic insight into the long-admired drumming traditions of Brazilian carnival culture. Samba is fun - but these classes also work to boost confidence and communication skills through encouraging creative expression, developing musical skill, and experiencing the roles of both leading and collaboration.

TYF work with experienced vocal coaches to bring teams together, by getting them out of their comfort zone to create layered acapella harmonies. Set in nature, these workshops see participants set aside their fears, open up their hearts and mouths and master 2-3 short songs over a couple of hours.

Beach art sessions combine beach combing, #2minutebeachclean and facilitated nature connection while testing a groups communication skills and creativity. TYF bring the rakes, sticks, poles and walkie talkies and you just bring along your imagination and bucket loads of creativity. Your group will be guided through creating a design and then the group split up to create scaled up epic drawing using the sand as your canvas. 

Explore one of the most un-spoilt stretches of wild coastline, sea cliffs and beaches and learn about the world class flora and fauna on our coast. 

You will also try fire lighting in the outdoors with Kelly Kettles and hot chocolate and discover the principles of remote first aid. TYF provide supervision, OS maps and head to local sites to see some of the finest coastal views and marine wildlife spots in the UK.

The Bug Farm is a research and visitor centre like no other. With a Tropical Bug Zoo, Bug Museum, British Bug House, Insect Farming Exhibition, Farm Trails and a Walled Garden, there is something for everyone, whatever your age or interest. 

A focus on wildlife conservation and sustainable farming spans the site and their on-site cafe Grub Kitchen is the UK’s first full-time edible insect restaurant, with plenty of non-insect dishes available too.

Your group will be challenged to undertake a series of fun and engaging activities involving problem solving tasks and team building challenges.

Fun to solve, the activities require full group cooperation and thinking outside of the box. Become risk smart, and develop the Adventure Intelligence skills you need to be a team player and lead others in the future.