Group Surfing

TYF have taught surfing at Whitesands beach to thousands of people since 1984. We use special beginners’ boards, warm wetsuits and skilled instructors to get you confidently on your feet and surfing, armed with knowledge of beach and sea safety and the living things around us.

Beginning with a in depth look into the surf world, pupils will then be taught how to paddle, how to negotiate the surf, how to prone ride in control of their board and finally the art of standing up and catching their first wave.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of surfboards do TYF provide?

TYF have a wide range of boards for different abilities and styles. se soft top, hard bottom surfboards which are wide, stable and perfect for beginners. 

To reserve a particular board please get in touch.

Epic Surfboards

These boards are fibreglass with a forgiving 4mm soft skin on the deck and rails that give it a true 'surfboard feel'. Great for learners looking to progress. 

Available in 5'0, 6'6, 7'0 and 9'0

Our Circle One and Alder softboards are durable, high density foam boards which are perfect for learning with lots of buoyancy. The soft finish to the board also makes it a forgiving board to develop your skills on.

Available in 6'0, 8'8 and 9'0

How long is a surfing session?

Our surfing sessions last 3.0 hours including the time to get changed and run a safety briefing. You can expect to be in the water for 1.5 to 2 hours. 

What equipment do I need?

You Bring

  • Swimwear

  • Towel

  • A warm change of clothes

TYF Provide

  • Wetsuit

  • Surfboard & leash

What if I can't swim?

Our surfing lessons take place in the shallow waters of Whitesands beach. We run these sessions at a small ratio of 8 participants to one guide. All of our guides are trained lifeguards and prior to your lesson you will be given beach safety advice that will keep you safe for many surfs to come!

Where do the lessons take place?

Our surfing lessons take place at Whitesands Beach. 

Do TYF do progressive surf sessions?

We don’t generally offer surfing sessions above beginners because the swell is too hard to predict and therefore plan. But pick up the phone anytime to speak to one of our experienced instructors and if there is swell we will happily jump in the sea with you and give you some pointers.