Group Bug Farm Experience

The Bug Farm is a research and visitor centre like no other. With a Tropical Bug Zoo, Bug Museum, British Bug House, Insect Farming Exhibition, Farm Trails and a Walled Garden, there is something for everyone, whatever your age or interest. 

A focus on wildlife conservation and sustainable farming spans the site and their on-site cafe Grub Kitchen is the UK’s first full-time edible insect restaurant, with plenty of non-insect dishes available too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the Bug Farm Experience take place? 

The Bug Farm Experience is run by our friends over at Dr. Beynon's Bug Farm and they are located just 5 minutes outside St. Davids. 

How many people will I be with?

The group bookings are private so it will just be you and your group. We try and keep group sizes below 24. 

How long is the The Bug Farm Experience?

The Bug Farm Experience is a 1.5 hour activity which including:

  • An up-close session where participants get the oppportunity to handle and learn about a variety of tropical invertebrates under the supervision of professionals. 

  • A tour of The Bug Museum which showcases visual displays of (sustainably-sourced) pinned specimens alongside an array of mind-boggling facts

  • A brief talk and insight into the world of entomophagy, (eating insects), you will also be able to sample some edible insects and edible insect products.