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Sam Charlesworth's role at TYF is in customer relations and sales. He is enthused to connect with our very loyal and new customers in order to design new offerings that we can provide to support them. In his first ever blog Sam opens up in an honest conversation about how he is accomplishing big goals and what he is learning along the way. 

Have you ever noticed how much your tongue moves around when you're eating?

Trying to keep your food between your pearly whites instead of dancing around your mouth. I often find it's the little things that get overlooked.

But without the little things how are you supposed to achieve big things?

You may have to use your imagination here, But how can you expect to accurately and effectively explain to someone that has never eaten before, how to eat, if you don't understand the process to the finest detail.

More often than not it feels faster to skip a few steps, or brush over something to get to the finish line. Success!!...well no.

Just because you crossed the finish line first doesn't mean you've actually done your best work.

This is what I am learning at present.

I am racing to get emails out to potential customers and collaborators because I need to get through the list. But what good is that if I haven't figured out what my tongue is doing? Or how to accurately convey in writing, what I would much easier be able to explain in person, verbally.

I have also found that the harder option is normally the one you should take.

Driving to work or cycling to work?

Microwave meal or a home-cooked meal from scratch?

Buying your veggies or growing your veggies?

It would be easier for me right now to hide away and wait to magically get better at writing hoping that not too many people notice along the way...

But no. I need to start at the beginning. I need to learn how to write.

I felt like this was the best place to start.

Here are six things I have thought about to get going.

1) Acknowledge where you need to improve. I use lots of words and I tend to talk a lot. My problem lies in making sure I use the most effective words and not too many of them. I'm close to using too many now. Those 7 didn’t help and neither have these.

2) I also need to work on my editing skills, spell checking and know, all the fun stuff! Get better at those things. 

3) Ask for support from friends and family that may hold valuable information. If you are a trail blazer then you may need to look further afield for this help. Google is your friend.

4) Put it into practice. You don't need to be writing about anything in particular or for anyone other than yourself. One thing that will never lose its value at this stage though, is another person's perspective. Best to find someone that likes you for this bit, and be ready to hear where your growth needs to come from. Remember, doing something bad, or failing is not negative! It's just another step in your journey. It's best not to skip these, especially at the beginning.

5) What are you trying to say? I want to express my journey. I feel like I should be able to do this already. But although I feel comfortable and knowledgeable within my field, the outdoor industry, I don't feel comfortable in my new role within it. But that is where you find progress and failure. And I would like to share mine with you in real-time.

6) Don’t get set in your ways. Be open to edits and adaptations. For example, these points started out as a step by step guide. Until I realised I am figuring this out and I am not entirely sure they are in the correct order. But I do feel they are all valid and worth pondering.

So my plan is to write a blog every month, with a loose topic focused on writing, or just what I feel like writing about.

I hope you enjoy these, maybe learn something and maybe even see some progress!

Lots of Love


Side note, I’m on Twitter and Linked In. I'm also learning how to use those, so if you're interested in experiential learning I’m diving in.

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