Exploring Emotional Intelligence in times of Crisis.

Coaching with Chris Hardy 

Head of Corporate Programs at TYF 

Why is Emotional Intelligence (EQ) so important in times of crisis and how can it be developed? 

Join other B Corp leaders and employees for a free workshop exploring how EQ can improve performance and help in challenging circumstances. You’ll leave with new knowledge and easy to use tools and techniques. 

Wednesday 29th at 3-4.30pm - book your place here.

We are all facing challenging circumstances right now, our emotional landscape has been dramatically impacted. Uncertainty and insecurity are at an all time high, and whether we choose to or not, we bring our emotions to work.

This workshop will help you: 

Learn the 12 EQ competencies and find out which most needs your attention 

- Communicate better around challenges or conflicts 

- Develop self-awareness and understand better how to manage yourself and your reports - - Build personal practices to help process of difficult emotions and to self-regulate 

- Understand EQ more broadly and how it’s fundamental to your organisation’s success

This 90 min session includes training, PPT presentation, stories and a guided meditation. Chris Hardy will facilitate the session and is open to other ways this content can be shared widely within the B Corp community.

Any questions connect with Chris (chris.h@tyf.com) or book your spot here.

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