The original and the best.

We call it Pure Ocean Play – surrounding yourself with clean salt water then exploring the wonderful Atlantic coast in the most playful way that you could imagine. Coasteering with TYF is a mischievous combination that’ll see you walk, scramble, climb, swim and cliff jump your way around the best of Pembrokeshire’s rocky coastline in the company of friends, family or like-minded adventurers.

TYF are recognised around the world as the pioneers of this epic sport and took the first guided groups onto the cliffs nearly 30 years ago. We’re pleased to see that as the sport has been spread by the tide to other oceans and coastlines, the essence of fun, respect, discovery and adventure still abound.

TYF’s coasteering is frequently seen on BBC, ITV and Sky adventure-orientated programmes and over the years our sessions have seen tens of thousands of people re-connect and rediscover though our purest ocean play.

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Our Coasteering experiences


Classic Coasteer

3.5 hours

Experience the saltwater fun and excitement of the world’s first coasteering routes, with the pioneers who invented the sport. Whether you want to go flat out and breathless or choose a slower exploration, TYF guarantee high quality adventures at a level that’s right for you.

Child: £38
Adult: £58



Children aged 8 to 12 must be accompanied by an adult (parent, relative or guardian)


Next Level Coasteer

3.5 hours

Pushing personal boundaries can be highly rewarding. For those of you that have tried the TYF Classic Coasteer and want to take their adventuring to the next level, the Next Level Coasteer is your answer. Experience the raw power of the sea and take your coasteering experience further than ever before. The challenges you will face will depend on the conditions and could range from wooping jumps to gnarly white water. The pace will be fast, can you keep up?

Adult: £58


Southern Bays Traverse

9.30am – 5pm

For adventurers with more energy and stamina, TYF’s Southern Bays Traverse is a full day coasteer that includes technical and expedition skills and a coastal journey that’ll take you as far as you want to go. Every adventure is unique and the location is flexible to make the most of weather conditions and experience of the group.

Child: £75
Adult: £99

CONTACT US Children aged 8 to 12 must be accompanied by an adult (parent, relative or guardian)


TYF Associate Guide Scheme

Train to become one of the very best adventure guides in the UK.

TYF have an incredible pedigree of fully qualified and experienced guides, covering all aspects of adventurous outdoor activities. Our Associate Guide Scheme gives you the opportunity to shadow the very best guides in the industry, joining us on multiple sessions and learning direct skills and techniques which will aide you in your pursuit of becoming a fully qualified guide.

If you are interested in the TYF Associate Guide Scheme, please email our Head of Adventure John Byrom on for more details.