TYF Winter Warmers

How to keep fit during the winter months:

The changing of seasons can all too easily welcome an unhealthy relationship with duvets, mince pies and the torments of your snooze button. The change of temperature is enough to put off venturing toes and noses from leaving the warm cocoon of your bed. Hibernation is all too easy.

Despite its initial appeal, neglecting the outdoors doesn’t have to be your winter mindset. There’s a whole other world of adventure brought by the changing season that our bodies and minds are missing out on. One that shrugs off the hazy days of summer frolics in crystal glassy waters and memories of Pimms(eh-hem) and dives you into an exhilarating playground, that if embraced, wakes you from the beginnings of winter fatigue and fills your lungs with crisp, re-vitalising air and an energy to embrace the frost.

The sea is at its warmest this time of year. With sniffles already threatening our team we are fully embracing our ‘flu fighting‘ playground by working up a sweat and immune system fighting power by diving into the autumnal Pembrokeshire sea. Recently myself and TYF friends coasteered from Solva to Nine Wells, we discovered a new cave and a love for Horlicks on a Saturday night. The sheer thrill of the water caressing my cheeks was immense, I felt as if someone had re-booted my sluggish battery. The physical buzz coupled with the smells of burning peat in the air and changing colours of the cliff face, left me feeling energised and ready to take on the winter. I forgot I was actually ‘keeping fit’ in such an enjoyable way.

That night lying in bed before my warm nest consumed me I recalled the moments of discovery and physical sensations of the day, questioning whether the morning would remember such gratitude. Instantly my toes and nose began to twitch as I dropped off into a well earned sleep.

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