TYF 100 is our organisation’s commitment to our community, our customers
and our environment.

People born today will live to be 100. In the next 100 years we need to have transformed our relationship with products, the Economy and the environment and TYF 100 is part of our business plan to make that happen.  

It is TYF’s resolution to exist as a responsible and flexible business for the next 100 years and to provide products and services that change the world, and our customer’s 
experience of it. One thing is for sure - we don’t know all the answers - but our founder andy middleton’s father is still body surfing at 93, still walking, gardening and cooking, and this let’s us know that when you put your mind to it, anything is possible.

the best time to start this was a long time ago, but the next best time is now - so please join us on the journey.