Tom Kirby

Head Guide

“My first taste of the outdoors was on camping holidays as a young lad, and then when the opportunity came up to study Adventure Sports at college I took it and since then everything has been windy, wet and cold. I went on to study outdoor education at university, got some work experience, gained some qualifications and started looking for bigger mountains to climb and bigger rocks to jump off. I like small waves the best though.

I have spent the last few years working as an outdoor instructor in the Swiss Alps during the summer and working ski seasons in France during the winter and haven’t been in the UK during our fleeting summer for 6 years so I’m pretty excited to come to work and play in Pembrokeshire. I hear there’s all the sun, sand and sea a pale northern lad can handle!”

What’s your next big personal project?

Climbing Mont Blanc, just for the tick

Where is your favourite place?

In the sea, at the summit, down a canyon, knee deep in pow or on the sofa…

Who motivates you?

People that stand up for the little guys and people that get up and down big mountains stylishly

What’s your speciality?

Cake consumption