Things to do this Easter…

You’ve got two weeks off and the kids are rushing around like headless chickens looking for something to do. If you are in St Davids this Easter we’ve got just the activities for you. Adventures that will inspire kids and adults alike and ensure you head home with an abundance of incredible stories.

Coasteering this Easter – We’ve got family, adult and kids sessions running daily. Warm winter wetsuits, thermal rash-vests and booties to keep you nice and warm when your scrambling along the stunning Pembrokeshire coast. Kids simply love the Blue Water Wall, whilst adults can’t stop grinning when they’ve had their fix in the washing machine.

Kayaking – We’ve got a great selection of double and single sit on tops, general purpose and sea kayaks perfect for all ages and abilities. We’ll be searching out the days when the wind drops to fully explore the magical caves and secluded bays, however if the wind is blowing it can be a great adventure with waves and whitewater play-spots turning on. We’ve just launched our Ramsey Isalnd Paddle for those beginners looking to explore one of the most scenic islands in the UK.

Surfing – Kids absolutely love surfing, I’ve been surf coaching for six years and can’t remember one child or adult come to think of it, who didn’t enjoy being washed ashore by the power of the atlantic rollers. We’ve got two hour taster sessions and a 3.5 hour experience aimed at equipping you with the tools and skills to surf safely at beaches anywhere in the world. You’ll learn everything from wetsuit technology, wave forecasting and surfboard designs. You’ll have more time in the water with your instructor to work on technique and post session we’ll discuss future goals, diet, training and fitness regimes over a free delicious bowl of soup. We’ll even throw in a half day surfboard and wetsuit hire, worth £18 giving you a wonderful opportunity to continue learning during the rest of your time in St Davids.

Finally we have Climbing – What’s not to love? You’ll abseil off a perfectly beautiful sea cliff, in total control and conquering any fears you might have. Then the fun begins as you decipher the best way to get back to the top whilst your guide, who will be SPA trained will teach you all of the skills necessary to ensure you are successful.

Call 01437 721611 to book your Easter adventure today.

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