The future is impossible

At TYF we talk a lot about basing our decisions on reality rather than what we want to believe.

How we are responding to climate change is not based on reality. Science at the moment is telling us the world is set to see temperature increases of at least 4 degrees by 2050-2070, possibly worse, and yet policy and strategy is still predicated on a future world of 2 degrees warming. Keeping rising average global temperatures below 2 degrees is pretty much impossible. Most of the things we are doing now are too little too late. Even keeping temperatures below 4 degrees is going to be a tough challenge looking at current trends.

So, be more prepared for the change that’s coming or let the climate change us. That was the simple message from climate scientist Kevin Anderson’s blunt talk that I attended last night in Bristol. We just need to look at New York to notice what happens when we choose the latter option and ignore scientific advice. We choose how we respond. Starting with reality is a good idea. So is making yourself aware of the facts by watching the video below.

“this is not a message of futility, but a wake up call of where our rose tinted spectacles have brought us. Real hope, if it is to arise at all will do so from a bare assessment of the scale of the challenge we now face.”  – Kevin Anderson and Alice Bows

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