The TYF Group remains focused on looking after the welfare of everyone. We work honestly and openly with staff, customers, suppliers and clients alike, and encourage others to do the same.

Those who struggle to protect people from exploitation, disease, poverty and hunger receive our active support and we strongly oppose those who oppress the human spirit, abuse communities and attack human rights.


Can we justify buying goods produced by child and slave labour? Are we willing to sit back and watch other companies abusing the environment and their host communities? Absolutely not!

We’re been working with the valued support of No Sweat, CIPS (Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply) and ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) to enable us to work to ensure that all of our suppliers respect people, planet and place. We’ve got a great deal of work ahead of us, but we’re already making good progress – we’ve just produced our first Ethical Procurement Policy, and we’re in the process of auditing the environmental and social performance of all our suppliers. During 2007, we’ll start working with other small independent retailers to persuade our suppliers to become more socially and environmentally aware.

“Some 1.2 million children are now estimated by the UN to be trafficked annually. Around 246 million children are also thought to be involved in child labour.” – UNICEF

Fair Trade

Can we justify buying food that is unfairly traded, locking small farmers into a cycle of poverty, vulnerability and desperation? No! When commodity prices fall it can have a catastrophic impact on the lives of small-scale farmers and result in crippling debt, the break-up of families and the loss of their land and homes. We buy Fairtrade wherever possible to give these small farmers a better chance.

“Rising sales of Fairtrade chocolate and cocoa show that it is possible for cocoa buyers to pay a stable, equitable price to farmers and still succeed commercially.” – Harriet Lamb, Director, The Fair Trade Foundation


Everything we do carries our personal guarantee of trust, care and quality. We respect our customers and work to ensure that their time spent doing business with us is 100% positive. If a customer is unhappy, we do something about it. Guaranteed. By the way, if you’d like to suggest how we might improve customer experiences further, just phone us or e-mail

We will not knowingly work with clients who are responsible for human rights abuses or are involved in the fur trade, animal testing for cosmetics, or the sale and promotion of weapons or tobacco.


Our staff matter to us and we avoid offering ‘disposable people’ McJobs to anyone. We always remain strongly focused on supporting all members of the TYF team. We constantly work to ensure that everyone working for us is having a good time. We’ll soon be launching some ground-breaking initiatives – watch this space!


We take clean water for granted in Wales and here at The TYF Group we run our water sports activities in some of the cleanest waters in Europe – we know the value of clean water!

WaterAid is an organisation dedicated to providing accessible clean water to everyone, helping poor people in the developing world to escape from the terrible problems caused by living without safe and accessible water and sanitation.

“Over a billion people do not have access to safe water and over two and a half billion people in the world lack adequate sanitation.” – WaterAid

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