Super Sense

Super Sense is a partnership project that TYF have developed and trialled with Andy Shipley, a visually impaired Do Lectures graduate and 2013 Clore Leadership Fellow. Super Sense is an interactive workshop to enable participants leave non-sense and common sense behind and switch on a deeper, more powerful level of awareness. Through Super Sense we aim to help people re-engage with their non-visual senses and develop more open, trusting relationships with colleagues.

The Super Sense experience is jointly led by two facilitators, one of whom is a visually impaired coach who aims to build participants’ observation and awareness of their environment. The experience looks to develop participants ability to communicate with diverse groups, establish trust in themselves and others and empower the people with whom they work.

“After a couple of visits to St.Davids, during which Andy Shipley introduced TYF’s adventure guides to a few new ways of sensing the reality that they’d taken for granted, it became very clear to us that we were working with something with great relevance to the past and of great consequence for the present [had something more on our hands, as the exercises we played with revealed deeper and deeper insight.- I would take this bit out} In one of our ‘aha’ moments we realised it wasn’t long ago that people without sight were appreciated as healers and story tellers, and that it’s only a taken a few generations to shift our perception of them from having special abilities to having special needs – and in the process, the rest of us switched off more and more of our ability to use non-visual senses to pick up the stories around us”.
Andy Middleton

Sighted people take in 83% of their information visually, missing much of the world that is sensed by those with no sight.; Super Sense restores awareness of what’s currently invisible.

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