Stories from the coast

The stories that stay with you forever are often the ones that take you to adventurous places. Exploring mountains in The Hobbit, crossing stormy seas with Prince Caspian or finding yourself shipwrecked in Enid Blyton’s Famous Five on a Treasure Island.

We like to think our Coastal Explorer adventure will leave you with stories that will last a lifetime. From discovering remote inlets and secret beaches kayaking, to listening to your heart beat in your chest coasteering. Lunch on a secluded beach and maybe building a driftwood fire with our guides will leave you with smoke in your hair, salt on your skin and a real taste for adventure in your mouth.

We took some adventurous types out with us from Quality Cottages, you can see the video above.


Anna is a freelance writer & marketing consultant. She spends her time between the mountains and the sea, and longs for an island to call her own.

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