Sam Nunn

TYF Guide

I grew up in Stove, Staffordshire. My dad introduced me to climbing when I started to walk and it has given me a sense of direction. I worked out that I wanted to be outside as much as I could when I was young.

I moved to Pembrokeshire in 2009 and loved it – sea, sun and climbing the dream, and have been working with TYF since then. I get excited about climbing, coast and coffee.

What’s your next big personal project?

Hit up some lesser seen / harder-to-access spots on the Pembrokeshire coast.

Where is your favourite place?

India Creek, Moab.

Who motivates you?

The people out there doing things I am too scared to.

What’s your speciality?

Climbing – especially the technical rope bit. (I’m a bit of a geek for it).