Repair your loved Patagonia items for free

Does your Patagaonia stuff need repairing, but you never get round to mending that flare in the puffer? Drop it off in the TYF shop and we’ll send your gear on a retreat.

As individuals, the single best thing we can do for the planet is to keep our stuff in use longer and reduce our overall consumption in the process. Patagonia and TYF aim to help consumers do exactly that.

We’ll help you do like our grandparents did. Repair it!

All Patagonia items have a life guarantee and can be repaired for free until they are completely worn out.

In the US a new second hand Patagonia shop is being rolled out where you can trade in for credits or recycle your rags, saving them from becoming landfill.

Unfortunately, the WornWear campaign has not yet made it across the ocean to Europe, but whilst we impatiently wait, let’s get those holes fixed.

Preloved Patagonia pieces that may have shrunk in the wardrobe or for some other reason never find their way outside, can have a new life in fresh air.

As the only pro Patagonia store in Wales, the TYF shop serve as a drop off point for Patagonia clothes to be repaired. We’ll send the clothes off for you, have them washed, mended and returned to you in the shop better than new.

Better than new, because they still have those memories from summiting that beast of a mountain, a certain kiss on the coast path or those cold nights camping when wearing the puffer inside your sleeping bag was what got you through to the morning.


Give a Christmas present with a real life time guarantee

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