Rachel Bott

TYF Guide

Rachel grew up on the south coast of England with one foot in the rock pools and the other in tennis courts. After a sporty start Rachel headed down to the West Country where she completed a BA in Marine Biology and Oceanography, and a Master of Science in Conservation Biology.

With a love for travelling and of course the marine world, Rachel then moved to the Caribbean where she worked and travelled on to New Zealand and Australia. After discovering the Sir Edmond Hillary Outdoor Pursuits Centre on New Zealand’s North Island, Rachel was hooked on taking young people ‘tramping’ into the NZ bush and running the local rivers with groups and friends.

With the Indian Ocean in her blood and a passion for all things aquatic, Rachel began working for the Maldives What Shark Research Programme as a research biologist which she remains with to date.

Rachel first came to Pembrokeshire on a cycling holiday and after seeing the position of a guide available at TYF, decided to make St Davids a more permanent feature in her life. With some of the UK’s best climbing on the doorstep and waves to be ridden – plus the adventures to be had with groups of keen explorers, Rachel is in her element with an infectious enthusiasm for sharing the wonders of the outdoors and conserving them…Rachel’s passion for adventure and protecting our environment comes in equal measures.

What’s your next big personal project?

A secret adventure; involving Wales, mountains, rivers, GoPros, pac rafts and stoke!

Where is your favourite place?

Anywhere that makes me feel like I’m adventuring. Wild places.

Who motivates you?

My friends & family. Captain Liz Clark, Kimmy Warner, Kristin Gates, Jody Macdonald. You all rock!

What’s your speciality?

All of it!?