Training & Development


This policy outlines TYF's general induction and training approach to new staff members as well as ongoing training, development and support to existing staff members.


This policy is not role specific and aims to complement and support role specific training and induction delivered by specific teams within the business. 

Induction & Training

All TYF staff will be shared the following information within their first week by their relevant line manager:

  • Company values, structure and history

  • TYF's mission statement: "We are on a mission to help people fall so deeply in love with nature that it changes the way they live. We inspire generations with low-carbon, eco-friendly outfitted adventures whilst learning in the wild and beautiful St. David's peninsula"

  • TYF Perks

  • TYF Wiki pages (Employee Handbook) containing Policies, Standing Operating Procedures (SOPs), Emergency Action Plans, Risk Assessments, HQ Resources, Forms and How To Guides. 

  • Health and Safety information

  • Job description requirements and other relevant information required to deliver their roles and responsibilities 

  • Performance Review timescales, ongoing support, guidance and training moving forwards

Regenerative Business, Sustainability and Impact Training:

As one the Founding B Corps in the UK and the first in Wales in 2015, TYF take great pride in being an ethical, sustainable and regenerative business for people and planet. Therefore, in addition to our comprehensive role specific training, we include within our staff training programme a focus on:

  • The environmental and social impacts material to the Company

  • Environmental and social performance goals for all staff within their roles and performance reviews to monitor progress and help them achieve these

  • An holistic overview and background of the key sustainability challenges, solutions and frameworks, including (but not limited to):

     - The Sustainable Development Goals

     - Climate change, net zero, carbon literacy & footprinting. 

     - B Corp - using business as a force for good.

     - Doughnut economics and the circular economy

     - Ecosystem services and nature-based solutions

     - Green and blue health and wellbeing (blue mind and nature connection)

     - Ocean literacy

     - Behaviour change

     - Systems change

     - Diversity, equality & inclusion

  • An understanding of the leadership requirements to rise to real-world challenges and how all staff can be inspiring and active role models for positive change

  • A grounding, background and opportunity to practice and develop these life skills and leadership attributes and competencies, including (but not limited to):

     - Systems thinking and awareness

     - Radical collaboration

     - Teamwork

     - Active and compassionate listening

     - Conflict resolution

     - Self-reflection

     - Dynamic risk assessing and problem solving

     - Non-violent communication

     - Public speaking

     - Cathedral thinking / thinking for the long-term

This sustainability and impact training will aim to be completed through the employee's first full-time season / year with the Company and then be built on year-upon-year. It will be introduced as part of the employee induction process and then periodically throughout the season with weekly group training sessions and regular one-to-one's with the employee's line manager.

Managers and supervisors also receive training on how to monitor progress on employee's environmental and social performance goals to ensure continued learning, growth and positive impact for the individual staff member, managers, wider team and Company as a whole.

CPD - TYF Learning & Wellbeing Fund

The outlined training within this policy forms part of employee's CPD (Continuing Professional Development) and complements and supports the TYF Learning Fund and TYF Wellbeing Fund . See TYF Perks for more detailed information.

TYF values its employees as active team members and contributors to our mission as well as giving the opportunity for all staff to grow and develop professionally and personally as leaders and change-makers for people and planet. With this in mind we also commit to career development opportunities within the Company, for example, encouraging internal promotions through advertising job opportunities internally first for at least one week.