Strap in to freedom

TYF Partnership

TYF have been working with Teva for over two decades, the versatile shoe is great for coastal walks, kayaking and coasteering. 


Strap in to freedom


Teva was invented in 1984 by a rafting guide when he noticed the lack of proper shoes for river activities. Trainers were to heavy and flip flops would slide off his feet. The first prototype was a nylon ankle strap attached to an old pair of flip flops. 30 years later their shoes have come along way. They are durable, comfortable and very versatile footwear perfect for your next adventure. 


Teva have set themselves the target of achieving 7 Sustainable Development Goals by 2027. These are: 


Seek sustainablealternatives for keymaterials, sourcing at least90% from suppliers certifiedby third party benchmar


Sustainably reduce wastegeneration among key factorypartners by 50% throughprevention, reduction,recycling and reuse.


Reduce consumption andimprove quality. Ensure90% of our core factory/supplier partners applyindustry best practice onwater treatment and usage.

Gender Equality & Quality Education

Promote diversity,gender equality, femaleempowerment, andinclusion for all.


Achieve environmentally soundmanagement of chemicals and reducethe discharge of hazardous chemicalsamong our key factory/supplier partnersby 50% to minimize adverse impact onhuman health and the environment.

Climate & Clean Energy

Reduce energy consumption andintegrate climate change measuresinto our policies and planning, includingthe installation of solar panels at allour California non-retail facilities.

Human Rights

Embed Human Rights across ouroperations and supply chain.Positively impact the communitieswhere we operate.

For more information see Deckers (Teva's parent company) Corporate Responsibility Report 2019