Shop FAQs & Training

Customer Service

At TYF we have created our own unique style of customer service.Based on the following: 

- Making somebody’s day: We recognise that we can have an impact on every individual that walks through our doors so we wish for this to be a positive one. 

- Sales: Profit must be made in order to stay in business but we aim to do this in the most ethical way possible. 

- Sharing knowledge based on our company ethos of ethical, sustainable fashion, personal wellbeing, our impact on our environment and how they can take this away with them. 

 Some of the ways we do this is… 

- Greeting every customer that walks into our store 

- Presenting ourselves with open friendly and welcoming body language 

- Engaging in conversation, taking interest in our customers. 

- Recognising if the customer does not wish to engage, we would make them aware that we can help them if and when needed but not forcing engagement upon them if they wish to quietly shop alone. 

- Naturally engaging in appropriate conversation whether that be product specific sales related, general personal engagement or conversation based on the current climate, retail industry and the world and people around us. 

- Personal shopping by taking the items to the fitting rooms for them, checking in on them and asking if you can get anything else or other sizes whilst they are in the fitting rooms and offering advice and opinions when asked. 

- Honest opinion and selling, quite often a customer will ask the assistant for their opinion and we are real people and therefore provide real and honest answers, if a customer is asking for a specific product that we do not have available then we would expect our staff to be honest with this and offer the best advice possible to help them. We do not believe in selling to gain we believe in selling to make the customer happy by providing them with a product that they love and that will last a life time. 

- Staff are fully stocked up with up to date knowledge regarding all products sold at TYF and know where to find further information if required in order to provide the information that the customer desires 

- We also encourage our customers to look for the information themselves by showing them where we have found the info by pulling out the product labels and finding the products on the brand specific websites. The helps share one of our main aims in retail which is to share how to shop ethically and what questions to ask. 

- We like to go above and beyond for our customers by use of varied languages to show our appreciation and welcoming, here are some examples… 

Hello / greeting, Thank you, Goodbye 

Welsh - Shwmae, Diolch, Hwyl fawr 

French - Bonjour, Merci, Au Revoir 

Spanish - Hola, Gracias, Adios 

German - Hallo, Danke, Auf Wiedersehen  

 We take pride in our customer service style and is the most important factor in our business representation and therefore staff recruitment.

Email Etiquette

Respond to all emails

Address with the customers name e.g "Dear Jo or Hi Jo" and follow up with "Thanks for getting in touch"

Capital letters at the start of sentence and use appropriate grammar: Full stops, commas etc

Section emails for visual ease rather than long paragraphs

End the email with "Thanks, if you have any further questions then please get back in touch", sign off with your name and job title and Include links to the website

Data Protection

Do not give out peoples contact info

When taking payments over the phone, don't read card number aloud

Don't write down customers personal info, if need shred and bin immediately after

Open the Tills

Log onto Shopify POS and go to "Store"

Count the float in the till (Should be £100)

Click on the + at the top right of the screen

Enter the float as £100

Close the Tills

Log onto Shopify POS and go to "Store"

Select the current day that is open and select "Close Shift"

Count the cash in the till and enter in cash counted box, select "Done"

Print receipt and put it with the cash in a envelope (on top of the cash drawers)

Lock in safe in cupboard under the stairs

General Transactions

Log onto Shopify POS and select "Checkout"

Scan item, items without barcodes are on the front screen. Quick sale is an absolute laste resort as everything should be in the tills, if it doesn't scan then try to search the item by name.

Add the customer to the transaction

Click "Charge" and select payment method

CASH - Enter amount, it will tell you the change

CARD - Enter the amount. Press the tick on the card machine for contactless

GIFT CARD- Scan in code or enter manually

GIFT CARD- Scan in code or enter manually

Adding Customer to Transactions

Sign on to Shopify POS

At Checkout, select customer or add new


Sign on to Shopify POS

Select customers

Press the + button in the top left of the screen and complete details

Adding Discounts to Transactions

Add items on checkout

Click on the item, add discount by % £ or code and give customer name


If you add the discount at the bottom of the screen it will assign a discount to the overall transaction

We want you to feel confident in making decisions around when to and who to give discounts to. In some circumstances giving a discount makes a sale. Sometimes it's making someone's day and creating a life long customer and follower of our ethos. It is quite nuanced sometimes but with time and experience it becomes easier to utilise this capability efficiently and confidently. 


If you have just joined our retail team, you should be provided with some training included in initial staff training where you will be led through different and common versions of how these conversations go down. Giving you the opportunity to ask questions going through some practise scenarios. You will quickly begin to understand the leverage of giving the various types of discounts inline with our ethical retail morals.  


Types of discount we offer Retail 

- Staff discount is 25% off for all staff, including Grain staff and Freelancers 

- Friends and family discount is 20% off

- Email sign up discount 10% off for joining our mailing list on first online order.

- Active TYF Community Members get 10% off 

- Emergency services, military, Outdoor education professionals 10%

- B-corp Employee Discount 10%

- General/discretionary 10% we can use this in circumstances as we see fit to make a sale or create a better relationship with a customer or to avoid confrontational customers.  


Adventure Discounts

10% off for 4 or more booking

10% off to TYF active members

Handy to know to excite customers when sending them over to adventure.


All discounts are loaded into the Shopify POS app and it will only give discounts on full price items tagged with “Not Sale”. It will allow you to give a discount if a person is on the system and is an active TYF Community member, a friend or family member or a staff member. Make sure that the customer has an appropriate tag so that we can track discounts.

Saving and Retrieving a Transaction

A helpful tool if the customer comes to the till and then decides to keep looking and wants to come back to pay later.It can also be used if a customer wishes to put an item aside to think about purchasing etc

Add items to the cart in Shopify and add the customer

Click on the 3 dots in the top right of the screen, select "Save Cart"

When you want to retrieve the cart, click on the 3 dots and select "Retrieve Cart"

Hold Item for Customer

We can hold these items for up to a week in the Winter however only 24 hours during our busy summer period.

Create the item as a draft order on POS and collect all of their details and add a note 'hold'

Write the order number on a piece of paper and attach to the item.

You can then complete the transaction if they come back, or check when the order was put on hold and if it has passed the 24 hours, then delete the order and put the item back on the shop floor

Customer Orders

Call the brands customer service number to check availability and if there is a delivery charge

If the customer wishes to continue with the order, confirm how the brand would like you to do this. Phone or email

Create draft order on Shopify with the customers and item's details. Payment must be taken up front but we will refund if not appropriate.

When the item arrives, contact the customer to let them know

Fulfill the order when the customer collects it

Some brands have an online B2b platform to order and others are to completed via phone or email.Check the brand info on the Vendor profile on Stocky here.

Create a Purchase Order

Use Google Sheets “Purchase order template_Stocky”

Request all necessary information from supplier and fill in product details on PO

On Stocky app select new purchase order

In pop up select "Vendor", Generate "Using suggestion" and Location "1 High street"

Import created file to Stocky

Save Purchase Order

Accepting Deliveries (Accept PO and receive items on Stocky)

Open up Stocky and select "Purchases"

Find PO of the delivery that arrived 

Select all products that were received (check qty)

Select “Receive and Sync” (will automatically sync with Shopify)

Print the barcodes, double check that the prices are correct before sticking onto products. Try not to cover important info on the label and stick them in the same spot for consistency before putting the items out on the shop floor

Print Barcodes

Find "Multi- Label Barcodes" under apps on Shopify

Select products and add qty to print

Select "create labels" and "print"

Change scale to default and then back to fit paper and then select "Print"

Use laptop in basement 

log in: 

PW: Stdavids1Shopify 

Log in: 

PW: PLOKIJUHygtfrdes0! 

Dymo printer Orientation: Portrait 

 Paper size: 30334 2-1/4 in x 1 -1/4 in

Assigning Products to "SALE"

Creating a Sale collection on the shop website in order to promote in store and online sale as an online ad.

Go to products on Shopify, find the product, select all variants and go to bulk editor

Put the original amount in the compare at price column and the new price in the price box

Add the Sale tag so that it shows up correctly on the website

End of day Re-stock

Log on to Shopify, go to

Select previous days sales, check what items have been sold and restock from basement

If size is missing please add item onto list on GDrive

Stock Take

Use Stocky app

Go to "Inventory" and choose "Stock takes"

Select "Create new stock take"

Give stock take a name, Barcode all or manual by brand, 1 High Street, Vendor, limit products all.


No quibble returns policy so long as the item is re sell able. E.g still in the same condition as sold and has labels attached. No shoes without boxes.

Sign onto Shopify POSand select "Orders"

Searchby using receipt number (don't need #) 

Select return or exchange and choose the returned item

De-select the re-stock button if item is faulty

Check last 4 digits of creditcard or select gift card if that is chosen and add reason for return

Select "add products for exchange" and scan new items, then complete sale as normal or click "Refund"

Faulty Items

Go to Shopify POS and process the return as normal

Go to Stocky to find the Brand contact info, send them pictures and explain the fault to the brand

They will send out a replacement or store credit.

For store credit, send statement to

For replacement for the customer, add as an order in Shopify Back office and add comments into thread for updates Don't forget to fulfill when the customer has collected the item).

Gift Cards

Gift cards are stored under the till with the envelopes.

Sign in to Shopify POS and go to "checkout"

The product has no Barcode so will be under POS

Select "Gift card"

Enter the correct amount that you are selling a gift card for

Add the customer (if they lose it we can search their name)

Chargeand complete payment as usual, print receipt

Put the actual gift card receipt in a TYF Card and in an envelope and hand to the customer.

Petty Cash

Petty Cash is available for incidental purchases and for occasional parking as required.

Record each purchase in the sheet available in the cashbox. Fill in a new row with date, your name, brief description of purchase, department purchase was for and amount spent plus a receipt with the relevant row receipt number written on it.

Receipt - Request a VAT receipt

Patagonia Returns & Repairs

For return or repair requests we will need the below information for every item; 

 1. Style Code, 

2. Size (footwear and most women’s clothing in US format), 

3. Colour, 

4. Description of the issue/reason for return, 

5. General description of the condition of the item (where applicable), 

6. Photos of the issue (where applicable), 

7. Date of purchase/age/proof of purchase (where applicable/available). 

If the style code or any of the other information is not visible, please be as descriptive as possible e.g. include the gender, style name etc.If the items are new and unsold and still have the tags attached i.e., they are a commercial return and there are no issues, please make this clear.If the items are new and unsold but have a defect, please also make this clear.Please gather all the information before emailing Patagonia at Incorrect information will result in delays to processing the items. 

Product Details - All the information required should be on the labels inside the item. They may be in several different formats.


If your item is deemed as suitable for repair, we will; 

1. Issue you a Case number (e.g. CAS-010080), 

2. Send you an automated email confirming the details of the repair request, 

3. Include an address to send the item/s to. 

Please include a copy of our confirmation email in the parcel and make sure that each item’s Case number is clearly marked.Please ensure all areas that require attention are marked clearly e.g. using masking tape to highlight any holes.Your item will be inspected before any repairs begin and we will repair anything else that needs attention (within reason). However, we cannot be held responsible for not repairing an issue that was not requested.To ensure a lasting repair and out of respect for our repairers, please ensure that all items are clean before sending.Please arrange for trackable shipping with your normal courier. 


If your item is deemed suitable for return, we will; 

1. Issue you an RMA number (e.g. RMA0021621), 

2. Send you a prefilled returns form 

3. Include an address to send the item/s to. 

Please ensure that a copy of the returns form is included in the package and the RMA number is clearly marked on the outside of the package along with the number of parcels being sent for that RMA e.g. 1/1, 1/2, 2/4 etc.Please arrange for trackable shipping with your normal courier.

Unrepairable/Non-Returnable Items

Some items may be deemed unrepairable or unsuitable for return. In these instances, we will provide you with further information on the reason and welcome your comments and feedback.If an item has lived a good life and needs to be replaced by the customer, we can arrange for their older product to be recycled. Please contact us at Dealer Service for further information on recycling. 

Ethical Outlet 

Wetsuit Acceptance

Credit is given via gift cards

Credit structure:


Good - Maximum a Seam repair or a small hole repair adult - £30, Kids - £20

Fair - Maximum 2 holes in Neoprene Adult - £20, Kids - £10

Bad - More than 2 holes and/or Zipper repair required Adult - £10, Kids - 5£

Retail Price to be sold at after repair

£55 Kids

£85 Adult


Coming soon... 

Repair forms 

Repair form for Hubspot

With Customer

1. Go to our Planetary Repair Centre section on the website

2. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Make sure that item description and service required are as detailed as possible.

3. Always quote the customer a price, and make sure they're happy with this. All prices can be found in repair, behind the till or on the drive. The repairer will get in touch with the customer if the price changes. 


1. Assign a numbered hanger and make a note of hanger number, name and contact number on Asana in 'Repair Studio' under 'Care and Repair Service'. 

2. Find the customer in Hubspot and make note of any relevant conversations had and the hanger number. For example; "Customer not wanting repair if more than quoted price".

Any problems just take as much info as you can - most importantly name and contact number and then the repairer can ring and discuss the repair in more detail afterwards.