Residential Programmes

To Your Future (and theirs)

TYF Residential Programmes

We work with teachers, pupils, parents and educators and create experiences for the classroom and residentials that give young people confidence, creativity and the skills to shape a good life and a better world to live in. 

Our immersive, experiential programmes link adventure and impact problem solving that help pupils find meaning and inspiration whilst building the ‘backpack skills’ for a lifetime of adventurous play. 

What’s our ‘why’? A better world is needed, and possible. We believe that young people deserve it, and that we can give them some of the know-how build it That’s what drives us. 

We believe in the power of an Adventure Mindset that balances risk, choices and committed action, and we build it through carefully designed experiential learning and adventure programmes that we follow up back in classroom and community. 

Beyond the cliffs and coast, we are working with government, business and many leading teachers and educators, playing our part in designing curriculum, strategy and solutions to transform education and make it for future generations. 

For over three decades, teachers have been bringing pupils to TYF for programmes they know will change lives. Pupils learn to work and play together, speak up, solve problems, and to build their ‘Super North Star’ with the Compass for Life.

TYF’s adventure guides are some of the best in the UK - professionally qualified and innovative in creating experiences that lead to lifetime memories. By working together to develop shared goals and outcomes we create programme that boost personal and social development, grow self confidence and help pupils become a force for good in a changing world.

We are AALA accredited, and have comprehensive Risk Assessments, Emergency Action Plans and Standard Operating Procedures and other useful documents to help you plan your trip and your dedicated operations manager will be with you everystep of the way to ensure that your trip runs smoothly.

We have a wide range of ready-to-go courses that can be quickly tailored to fit your school’s needs as well as to stimulate, educate and inspire pupils. We also design fully customised programmes for the most ambitious, progressive schools we work with.

We are on a mission to help people fall so deeply in love with nature that it changes the way that they live. We use 'real' adventure activities where students will get to experience first hand the epic playtime that can be had in the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. 

Give your students the best possible step up into a world of adventure as they stretch their comfort zones and widen horizons on residential, day, or in-school adventure and education programmes. 

For many children, a trip to TYF can be their first trip away from home, and we put all of the care in place to keep them, their parents and teachers comfortable and confident.

Our adventure and experiential learning programmes connect to the KS1 and KS2 syllabus through multi-subject outcomes. TYF’s guides ensure that your students learn how to transfer the skills that they have learned with us back to the classroom.

Pupils will be laughing, playing hard and making new friends, collecting memories and learning that they’ll remember for life. 

Our secondary school programmes have been developed with some of the best educators in the world and we currently work with three of the top 10 performing schools in the UK.

Students will build skills around teamwork, observation, inquiry, systems thinking and communication that pupils will need as the progress through curriculum at KS3 and KS4 and towards the world of work. Adventure activities can either form part of their education (e.g. inspiration for creative writing, geology, or outdoor sports studies), as a team building adventure, or as an end of year reward of pure fun.

Pupils are taken out of the confines of the classroom and immersed into adventurous and experiential learning in the natural world. They build skills and confidence in one of the most inspiring learning environments on the planet, relating their insights to the real-world challenges that will shape their future.

We beleive in the power of experiential learning has in shaping long lives of curiosity and wellbeing with close connection to nature. For more than three decades, TYF’s team of dedicated guides have helped pupils learn and grow in one of the world’s most powerful classrooms, where ocean meets land on the coast of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

Through impact problem solving, adventure and reflection, pupils find meaning and inspiration whilst building the ‘backpack skills’ for a lifetime of purposeful curiosity. 

As founding members of the UK B Corp community and Founding Partners of the Do Lectures, we are part of a global movement using the power of business to change the world. TYF Founder Andy Middleton’s daily work advising leaders in business and government on sustainability, innovation and enterprise helps to keep us on track.