The best clothes to own are those you choose with care and are happy to wear until they need fixing. We’ve set up a permanent repair station at our shop in St David’s where you’ll find the buttons, buckles, needle and thread to fix those clothes for free, with professional help for trickier repairs. Keep any old tents, climbing rope and inflatables too and drop them off with us for upcycling.

How it works?

Bring your garments (clean and dry, please) into the repair centre at 1 High Street, where our friendly staff can chat through what service suits best to your requirements and guide you through our pricing. Choose the service you would like. A ticket will be then generated for your garment/s with all the information for the repairer. We hope to have it ready in 2 weeks (often sooner) for you to collect. During busier times, the wait may be a little longer. We will let you know if this is the case and keep you updated. Once the repair is complete, we will contact you to come to collect your repaired garment/s. Payment is taken once you have seen and are happy with the repair!

Disclaimer - We are well up for the challenge of trying to return your garments to their former glory. But please remember that repairs are repairs. But that's a great thing. Each repair has a great story to tell. Also, your garment/s can be fit for use again. Keeping them in the game longer. Ready for action, but usually, we cannot return it to their original factory finished state.  

We aim to try and fix things to the best of our ability with the tools and equipment we have. We want things to continue to be used because we care about the environment and the clothing industry's impact on it. Repair really is a radical act, and we want to do best for you and the environment and will do everything in our power to do so. We want you to keep using the pieces you love for longer.

If a repair undoes soon after being repaired, we are happy to retry and fix the issue included in the original cost. If the repair is unsuccessful and non-repairable, no charge will be made. In any other scenarios, we are happy to discuss and come to a good outcome for all parties. 

Our repairers have the right to refuse service for garments that they are not comfortable attempting repairs on. Reasons include but are not limited to Garments not being in a clean and dry state or any other reason related to hygiene. Also, in the case when the stakes are too high, i.e. wedding dresses or safety equipment.   

Textile Repairs

Small Heat Patch or Hand Sewn hole repair- £10 (1cm - 5cm) 

Large Heat Patch or Hand Sewn hole repair - £12 (5cm - 10cm)

Poppers or Button replacement - £10- £45

Seam Repair - £15- £35 

Cuff Repair - £25

Pocket Repair - £25

Hem Repair - £25

Elastic Cord Replacement - £20

Denim Darn Fill - £10-£30 

Denim Patch - £10- £35

Zipper Adjustment - £10

Zipper Repair - £15 (If viable)

Small Zipper Replacement - £25 + zip cost 

Full Zip Replacement - £45 + Zip cost  

Rucksack Zip Replacement - dependent on project + Zip cost (Depends on length and difficulty)

Waterproof Taping - £20- £45

Gore-Tex Repair patch - £30

Small Boot Repair - £20 (stitch and gluing)

Care / Washing

Down Wash + Repel - £20

X2 Down Wash + Repel - £30

Sleeping Bag Wash and Repel - £45 

Waterproofs Performance Wash + Repel - £20

X2 Waterproofs Performance Wash + Repel - £30

Merino Wash - £20

X2 Merino Wash - £30

Boot reproofing - £15

Boot waxing - £15

Wetsuit Repair

Small Glue and Patch Repairs - £10 (1cm - 5cm) 

Large Glue and Patch Repairs - £15 (5cm - 10cm)

Blind stitching - £25

Seam Repair - £25-£45 (glued double blind stitch and taped inside)

Panel replacement - Quote per project

Wetsuit wash - £20 

Zip Lubrication - £10


Trouser Length Adjustment - £25

Stitching - £25/hr

Custom Builds - £25/hr

Bike Tyre Recycling - £2 Per Tyre 

Bike inner Tube Recycling- £1 Per Tube

Postage - £6 under 20kg. (Free shipping on orders over £80)

This project is part of the Pembrokeshire Circle. You can find out more about the project here.

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