We want to ensure that you will feel valued and share in the pride and satisfaction of our collective achievements. The following non-contractual benefits are available to all TYF staff. We treat freelancers as if they are part of a our family. 

Equipment Hire

Staff get free hire of TYF’s adventure equipment (excluding climbing gear) and 50% discount for their family & friends. All adventure hire is subject to availability. 


Staff get free adventure sessions and 50% discount for their family & friends. Subject to availability.

Annual Leave

You will receive one extra day of holiday for each 12 months completed from your start date up to a maximum of 5 days extra holiday

Flexi Time

We recognise that the nature of our business is seasonal and that employees are likely to be required to work more hours during the summer months. Over the winter months staff are able to reclaim this balance and operate a more flexible work schedule.

Learning Fund

All TYF staff accrue £100 per month (pro rata) that can be used towards their personal learning. Learning areas do not have to be business specific but staff are asked to share their learnings with the rest of the team. Click here for full policy

Wellbeing Fund

All TYF staff accrue £60 per month (pro rata) that can be used towards their personal well being. The fund can be used towards anything that promotes physical or mental health. e.g. massage, chiropractor, private healthcare, etc. Read more details here

Coaching & Development

We care about you and your wellbeing. All staff have a monthly one-to-one with their manager to ensure training is up to date and issues are addressed. In addition they are also able to access free life coaching and wellbeing guidance. 

Help to Buy Scheme

All staff that have worked at TYF for over 1 year are eligible to apply for this scheme. TYF will help contribute to a deposit on a house and in return will retain an equivalent ownership stake

Financial Services

Access to free financial planning. Staff are also able to apply for interest free loans from the business subject to circumstances. Speak to your manager for more information.

Paternity / Maternity 

All staff regardless of gender may take 3 months of fully paid paternity or maternity pay in the year after their child is born. Speak to the Office Manager to find out more. 

Shop Discounts

25% discount at our ethical retail store. Use discount code "Staff@TYF" if shopping on online store. Plus exclusive deals with adventure kit providers. Family and friends are eligible for 20% off instore, they can use discount code "TYF-Family" online after creating an account and being tagged. To place an order click here.

Staff Roadtrip

Eacy year we organise a staff trip at the end of the season to celebrate together. Previous trips have included rafting in North Wales and canoeing on the Wye River. 

Cycle to Work

After their first year of employment permanent staff become eligible for the TYF cycle-to-work scheme. Get 20% of trade bike prices.

Tech Scheme

After their first year of employment permanent staff become eligible for this scheme which enables you to get the latest tech for less. Choose from thousands of products including categories like laptops, phones, smart health, white goods, gaming, photography and more!. Click here for more info

Volunteering Days

After their first year of employment permanent staff are able to take up to two volunteering days per year (subject to business needs).

Climate Perks

Together we can create change. All TYF permanent staff are eligible for up two two additional days of annual leave if they do not fly during the year.

Sustainability & Impact Training

All staff receive training and learning focused on sustainability and impact. See full Training Policy for more information