Nest Pension Scheme

Auto-enrolement is a legal requirement, so we need to enrol you into our NEST workplace pension scheme that meets our legal obligations. You will receive contributions into your NEST Pension Account from TYF Group Ltd. and extra money from the government through basic rate tax relief if you are making contributions too. 

You will have been automatically enrolled into NEST on the start date listed on your contract of employment. If you are happy to stay in the scheme you do not need to do anything. 

Contributing to your NEST Pension Account

In each pay period TYF Group Ltd will make contributions to your pension account and you'll pay member contributions. 

You will also get extra money from the government through tax relief. This is paid at the rate of 20%. This will be paid on the contributions that you make and will go directly into your pension account once NEST has claimed this from the government.

The contributions will be paid at the following rates: 


January 2019





Tax Relief


Contributions are calculated on your gross pay. Your contriutions (based on the rates shown above) will automatically be deducted from your pay. 

How to opt out?

If you decide that you don't want to put money aside for your retirement just yet, you have the right to opt out. You must do this within the opt-out period, which is normally four weeks from the date your enrolment begins (but is determined in accordance with regulation 9(2) or (3) of the Occupational and Personal Pension Schemes (Automatic Enrolment) Regulations 2010). 

NEST will write to you shortly to tell you about your four week opt-out period. Before you can opt-out you'll need your NEST ID. This will also be in the letter NEST sends to you.Once you've received your NEST ID there are several ways to opt out. You can opt out by: 

When you opt out on line or over the phone you'll be asked to confirm that you want to opt out and that you are personally submitting the opt-out notice.

What happens if you opt out?

Opting out means you'll be treated as though you were never enrolled into the Workplace Pension Scheme. Once a valid opt-out notice has been received, any member contributions you've madethrough your pay will be refunded. 

If you change your mind after opting out, you can opt back in again if you want to once in any 12 month period.If you choose to opt out you'll normally be automatically re-enrolled back into the pension scheme at a later date. This is usually every three years. This will also happen if you decide to stop making contributions at a later date. 

Stopping contributions

Once you are a member of NEST you may wish to stop making contributions or take a break fromcontributing later on. NEST lets you do this and there is no need to opt out in the first month if you think you may want a break later on. 

If you do stop contributing and wish to restart, you need to let NEST know. The contributions alreadymade will stay in your retirement account.  


Any written notice you send must be signed by you or, if you send it electronically, you must include astatement in the email that you personally submitted the notice. 

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