Sleeping Mattress


You can guarantee a good night’s sleep with the Vango Adventure DLX 5 Standard. Its non-slip base means it won’t move no matter how much you wriggle in your sleep, and its self-inflating capabilities remove any unnecessary hassle before bed. 

Providing a fantastic, insulated layer between you and the ground, the Adventure DLX 5 Standard is the ultimate in comfort and relaxation after a tiring day in the outdoors

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I come to collect my equipment

Can I get hire equipment delivered?

As a general rule we only rent kit out from our booking office however if you are renting out multiple items we may be able to deliver to a location of your choosing for a nominal fee.

Is it possible to rent equipment for half a day?

All our equipment is currently only available for hire by the day.

What equipment is provided?

Sleeping mattress