Klean Kanteen

Produce excellent products designed to last that are 100% healthy and safe for consumers

TYF Partnership

Klean Kanteen have been on a similar journey to TYF, supporters of 1% for the planet and later key players within the B-Corp community. We love the brand's support for clean drinking water in deprived communities and their ambition to clean up our oceans. Their bright and colourful bottles have adorned our shelves and brightened up our shop for over a decade. 


Produce excellent products designed to last that are 100% healthy and safe for consumers


Klean Kanteen® is a family-owned company on a mission. We introduced the first stainless steel, BPA-free, reusable water bottle in 2004 because we wanted a non-toxic solution to single-use plastic water bottles. 

Today, as a certified B Corporation, we not only create the highest quality reusable products on the planet, we work hard to bring benefit to the people and places we touch—and we do everything we can to keep single-use waste from trashing the world.

Our goal is to reduce single use, plain and simple. So we make products guaranteed to hold up to whatever life throws at them. If you are not satisfied with one of our products at the time you receive it, or if it doesn’t perform to your satisfaction, return it to the store you bought it from or contact Klean Kanteen for repair parts, a replacement, or a refund.

We focus our efforts on issues that are core to who we are and what we do: access to clean water and reducing single-use waste.

Our Values

Plastic Pollution

We work with groups that are actively addressing land and water-based pollution through research, education, and policy change.

Safe Consumer Products

We partner with organisations that advocate for safe consumer products. Their research, education and advocacy inspires us and informs our product development. 

Land & Water Conservation 

We support organisations that are working to protect and preserve the wild places we love.  

Environmental Stewardship

We engage with organisations that inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to love and protect wild places.  

Better Business

The "benefit" part of our mission is a big deal to us. We use our business as a force for good in everything we do—from the products we make to the nonprofit partnerships we forge, to the way we show up in our communities and the positive impact we have on the world.

Better Products

At Klean, we don’t just make bottles. We create solutions for social change. We work hard to design durable, versatile, affordable products that replace mountains of single-use waste—and last a lifetime.

Climate Neutral

What is Climate Neutral?

Climate Neutral is a nonprofit organisation working to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon world by recruiting companies to publicly measure, reduce and offset their carbon emissions. Klean Kanteen has completed this rigorous 3-step process and is now 100% carbon neutral in the manufacture and delivery of its products worldwide. You can find out more about Klean Kanteens journey with Climate Neutral here.