Better takes action: we make shoes to make a difference. Together, let's take action for a better world.

TYF Partnership

We first fell in love with Keen because of their Newport Sandal. A sandal that answered the question 'Can a sandal protect your toes?' this might seem a small question to some but for guides that spend their lifetime jumping off rocks and playing in the swell this shoe was an innovation that helped us along on our adventures. Today Keen are one of our biggest footwear brands in store and they remain popular with our customers and staff. 


Better takes action: we make shoes to make a difference. Together, let's take action for a better world.


Teva was invented in 1984 by a rafting guide when he noticed the lack of proper shoes for river activities. Trainers were to heavy and flip flops would slide off his feet. The first prototype was a nylon ankle strap attached to an old pair of flip flops. 30 years later their shoes have come along way. They are durable, comfortable and very versatile footwear perfect for your next adventure. 


Gear for Good

Keen has a long tradition of helping out when disaster strikes, often donating shoes and driving funds to communities recovering from natural disasters. But we also deploy for humanitarian causes such as our European office supporting Everyday Refugees with several hundred pairs of shoes for vulnerable and displaced people in Greece and Serbia. This year alone, we've donated more than 8,000 pairs of sandals, shoes and boots to people in need. 

Going PFC Free

Our detox journey to reduce our impact by switching to safe, effective alternatives  -- such as Cleansport NXT eco odor control and LWG-certified leather -- led us to the issue of water repellency. Perfluorinated Chemicals (PFCs) are commonly used to repel water, dirt, and oil on outdoor gear and footwear. These fluorinated compounds degrade very slowly and persist in our environment. Traces of PFCs can be found in air, water, wildlife and humans. We have switched to alternative chemistries that are safe for human health, and today we are over 95% PFC-free.

Keen Effect Grant Programme

Keen launched its grant programme in 2014 to foster responsible outdoor participation. In its first year, we supported 25 organisations in North America, Europe and Oceana. Since then we have touched every continent with dozens of grants that help build stronger communities and a healthier planet. 

Tsunami Relief

When the tsunami hit the indian ocean in 2004 we rolled up our sleeves and joined the relief effort. We pulled our entire $1M advertising budget, diverting it instead to disaster relief and causes that are important to us. This pivotal moment in our history has shaped a brand culture of giving back and going about the right thing. 

Our Values


We create quality products, services, and brand experiences in everything we do.


We build trust through our products, our actions, and our relationships.


We believe healthy living starts with products that promote a healthy lifestyle.


We strive to reduce our impact on the environment, protect the places where we play, and give back to communities in need. 



We look for innovative and resourceful ways to do things and have fun along the way.