How to: Find My Shift

View Rota

Click here to login to the software

The default login screen is 'Team View'. From here you can see everyones rota. 

To just view your own rota select 'options' then click 'Only show my shifts'

Request Leave

Click here to login to the software

In the main navigation click 'Time off'

On the 'Time off' screen you will see a summary of your requested leave and its status (approved / declined). To add new time off select the 'Add time off +' button.

Fill in the fields to request your time off and you will be notified by email if your request has been approved. 

Request a shift edit

You may need to edit one of your shifts, this can be due to leaving early or working late or you may end up working through your lunch break and therefore request for this to be cancelled. This can be updated via the website or through the Find my shift app.

How to cancel a shift? 

- Sign into your account, click on the shift you wish you edit (leave comments and shift function)

- Cancel the relevant shift and include a comment

How to add a new shift?

- App: Click the '+' icon on the bottom right of your screen and add the new shift time, please include a comment.

- Desktop: Right click on the shift and request the new one