Hire Terms & Conditions

1. Duration

Equipment hire is deemed to start when the item is collected from TYF and ends when the equipment is returned.

2. This Agreement 

It is agreed that the Customer will hire equipment from TYF based on the below terms and conditions. This Agreement may be executed in counterparts. Digital signatures are considered binding. By hiring equipment from TYF you agree to be bound by the below terms and conditions. 

3. Equipment 

TYF will provide equipment that is of merchantable quality and fit for purpose. Equipment should only be used for the purpose for which it was designed. The Customer will comply with all of the manufacturer's requirements and recommendations respecting the Equipment and with any applicable laws. 

4. Suitability & Safety 

TYF is not responsible for the use of the equipment. We only provide equipment to be used under the skills and abilities of the hirer, we require no proof of ability and offer no advice or instruction in the use of the equipment and how they are to be used. TYF are not liable for any advice given on the use of equipment.  
The hirer acknowledges that adventure activities have inherent risks of injury to persons and property and is aware and understands the risks involved. TYF requires all hirers of SUPs and kayaks to wear buoyancy aids at all times while on the water. The hirer understands the dangers of paddling in waves, tidal, flowing or still water and understands that weather can play a factor in paddling safety and that such activities are subject to the unpredictable forces of nature.

5. Loss & Damage
The customer is liable for the repair or replacement cost of the hired equipment if damage, theft or loss occurs while the equipment is in their care. Where possible TYF will provide replacement equipment for the remainder of the hire period but in all cases the customer is liable for the full hire price quoted. Equipment not returned within 24 hours of the agreement end time will be considered lost.

TYF are not liable for damage to customer property. Dry bags and phone cases should be suitably checked by the customer prior to use. 

6. Loading & Unloading
TYF staff are happy to assist the customer in loading and unloading their vehicles but are not liable for any damage caused to vehicles. TYF are not liable for any equipment that is not properly secured during transit. 

7. Return of Equipment 
You are responsible for returning the equipment to TYF. Any costs, risks and expenses relating to return delivery are to be met by the Customer. Unless otherwise specified equipment must be returned to a member of TYF staff. TYF reserves the right to charge for late returns at an hourly rate based on 8 hours in a day. 

8. Insurance 
No insurance coverage for the Equipment is required under this Agreement. 

9. Cancellation 
If TYF cancel a hire booking we will refund you in full. If you cancel then a refund will be given only when TYF is provided with at least 48 hours notice.

10. Covid Refund Guarantee

If due to government guidance you are unable to make your booking then a full refund will be provided. We require notification within 48 hours of such guidance being released by the government.