Reward, Refresh, Re-Imagine

Image: MotherGoose Films


It’s important to say ‘thank you’ to a team when great work has been done. Whether it’s time spent dolphin watching on the Pembrokeshire coast, cliff-top camping, or learning the ropes of TYF’s epic coasteering, memorable experiences, learning and positive impact are woven into everything we deliver. 

Key outcomes could include: 

  • High-performing teams re-energised and ready to go

  • Team identity founded on personal as well as professional relationships

  • Bringing fresh perspectives and new stories into the organisation

Prices from £65 per person + VAT


When teams start, change direction or shift gear, they benefit from stepping away from the workplace to sharpen their focus and refresh their tools. By weaving together business priorities and inspiration from our backyard coastline (or your chosen venue), we co-create workshops that balance insight, discussion and commitment to brave action.

Key outcomes could include: 

  • Clarity on team direction, vision and values

  • Collaboratively-designed solutions to team challenges

  • Organisational resilience and capacity for change

Prices from £100 per person + VAT


Progressive and informed leaders are starting to understand the scale of shift that they must deliver in the next decade. A quick walk around business with clear eyes shows the extent of the ‘must change’ list - almost every product and process needs reimagining for a zero carbon, regenerative future. 

We help clients build foundations for that transformational change, learn to act as though Ecocide was already a crime, and rethink relationships across entire business ecosystems. 

Key outcomes could include: 

  • Trust for new conversations about the future of business

  • Co-created change journeys with new and unusual partners

  • Carbon-literate, future-focused teams and leaders 

Prices from £1800 per day + VAT