Compassionate Leave


  • Compassionate leave is designed to help an employee where they need to deal with necessary arrangements for or assist a close relative who is seriously or critically ill.


  • Employees are entitled to take compassionate leave in respect of a spouse or partner, child, stepchild, grandchild, parent, step-parent, parent-in-law, grandparent, brother or sister, stepbrother or stepsister, or brother or sister-in-law. The amount of leave granted will depend on individual circumstances.

  • We may exercise our discretion to grant compassionate leave in respect of any other relative or close friend, depending on the circumstances of each case.

  • An employee who is unable to return to work following a period of compassionate leave should contact the Line Manager. It may be appropriate to take a period of annual leave or unpaid leave in those circumstances.

Requesting Compassionate Leave

  • We recognise that it may not always be possible to request compassionate leave in advance. However, where it is possible, you should make a request to your Line Manager. You should tell them the reasons for your request and the number of days leave you would like to take.

  • Where it is not possible to request leave in advance you should contact your Line Manager as soon as possible to tell them the reason for your absence and the number of days you expect to be absent. Someone can do this on your behalf if necessary.

  • In exceptional circumstances the Company may have to refuse a request for compassionate leave. If so your Line Manager will give you a written explanation for the refusal. If you are dissatisfied with this decision you may make a complaint under our Grievance Procedure within 7 days of receipt of the written reasons for refusal.