Dedicated to those who seek to fill their lives with an endless pursuit of outdoor adventure.

TYF Partnership

We lost count of the number of sunglasses we lost while playing out on the Bitches. Luckily for us Chums came along with the solution.  


Dedicated to those who seek to fill their lives with an endless pursuit of outdoor adventure.


Chums has a long and storied history on the water. In 1983 Chums inventor Mike Taggett was tired of watching his customers lose their sunglasses to the bottom of the Colorado River. This is where the idea for the Original Cotton Chums was born. Living in the back of a VW van with a $60 sewing machine Taggett started producing the first round of Chums. 

In 2002 Chuck Ferries purchased Chums in partnership with his son and son-in-law. For the past 18 years the Ferries family has continued to push innovation through product development, instilled a commitment to American-made manufacturing (out of the company’s Hurricane, UT manufacturing facility), and embedded an unwavering passion for unbeatable customer service, helping Chums become the global brand we know and love today.

Chums manufactures over 15,000 units a day in our Hurricane, Utah facility. Chums employs more than 75 employees between our Hurricane, Salt Lake City and Sun Valley offices


Passionate about the outdoors

Chums was born outdoors on the water. The outdoors (and the water) is the cornerstone of the brand and continues to inspire all our product creations. Chums is dedicated to those who seek to fill their lives with an endless pursuit of outdoor adventure.

Act responsibliy and ethically

Chums' guiding principle is simple: We believe in acting responsibly and ethically in all aspects of our business. We support green initiatives and buy power using Blue Sky Renewable Energy. All our cardboard, aluminum, paper and plastic are recycled. Incoming and outgoing shipments are bulk packed using minimum of filler and cartons. Catalogs, flyers and brochures are printed on recycled paper, and we hope this website can reduce their use! Local manufacturing also reduces transportation, lowering our carbon footprint. 

Employees work flex time to make time for their families and community. This also helps Chums lower peak power demand and reduce carbon emissions. Some employees bike to work; it's a great green excuse to ride more! Our goal is to continue to act responsibly and ethically at work, within our community, and to our planet.

Affordable Quality

Chums is dedicated to manufacturing and delivering the highest quality outdoor accessories at an affordable price, always.


Every day, every trip outdoors, and every problem is an opportunity for a better solution. Chums is relentlessly dedicated to continued innovation and creating better solutions to age-old outdoor problems.

Dedicated to Customer Service

Since day one, Chums committed itself to superior customer service and strong business practices. At Chums, you’ll always receive an answer from an outstanding member of our customer service team, and we’ll always put the needs of our clients and customers first – striving for nothing short of perfection