Booking Office FAQs

Age restrictions

Participants over the age of 16 are classified as an adult

If the participant is 13 or older they do not need to be accompanied by an adult 

Must be accompanied by an adult. Adult does not need to participate if surfing or climbing

Check kit size and water confidence. Conditions dependent.

Cameras & photos

Take a picture of the completed session record form before the guide takes the camera so that it is clear which session the pictures are from.

Create a photo album on the's Google Photos. Use the following format for the photo  name: 01/01/2020 - 09:00 - Coasteering - John Doe.

Good quality photos should be copied to the appropriate activity folder in the marketing section of Google Drive and named accordingly (e.g. Coasteering 12). You should also tag these photos with guide name and location to do this go to the folder where the image is stored > press D > in the details pain enter the tags in the description e.g. #John Doe

When the guide returns from session remove the memory card from the camera, insert into computer and upload the photo and video files into the appropriate album. If internal memory was used then use the USB cable to connect to computer. 

To share the file you should: hover over the folder > three dots > share album > create link > copy > BCC email link to customers.  

Delete photos from card / internal memory before disconnecting from the computer. Albums should be deleted from Google Photos after 30 days. 

Group pricing

The pricing structure for groups can be found on the website here

Bespoke sessions

Bespoke sessions are handled in the same way as a closed session and should be charged the cost of an additional person based on current pricing. Overnight bespoke sessions will also incur a charge of £120 per night. Food and drink is charged at cost + 10%. Closed sessions should not impact TYF's operational capacity so will not always be approved, if in doubt speak to a manager.  


Check if hire has been permitted on the Daily Briefing Form or ask a senior guide and confirm hire availability on Peek Pro (Calendar > Rental Bookings). Tip you can filter the availabilty by product type.

If there is a stores person working ask them to come and meet the customer in the booking office. N.B. If there is no stores person working you will have to get the equipment yourself. 

Select the item of equipment that you wish to hire and confirm the date, time and customer details using the on screen prompts. 

Ask customer to read and sign the Hire Waiver against their booking on Peek using an iPad. Submit by clicking 'save and close' Please note that only one waiver is needed per booking.

Hold customers card details (Enter payment information > Pay Later > Add a card to charge later). Complete the reservation and issue the equipment to the customer. 

When equipment has been returned place it into the returns bin and the status is marked as returned on Peek. For larger items they should be returned to the place it was collected from. Returned equipment should be checked for damage and missing parts (Leashes etc) and any charges added to the booking accordingly. The card on file can then be charged or if the customer prefers they can pay cash and have the card details cleared from the system. All items must be marked as returned at the end of the day before the bookings and hire/stores assistant leave. You can find a snapshot of items still out on the hire manifest on Peek by checking the status column.

Customer questions:

- Do you do an hourly rate as we won't use it all day?

- Do you do a 24hr hire? If I pick it up at 12pm today, can I bring it back at 12pm tomorrow?

- What if I bring it back before 9am tomorrow?

A. We only offer a full day booking as a minimum, with a pick up slot that is available 30 minutes after opening and must be returned 30 minutes before the hire shift ends. We can be flexible out of season and allow customers to return their equipment the next morning, but we cannot offer this during Peek season. If this is agreed, then we will need to extend the booking for another day but edit the price to the single day rate.



Check that each session running has a vehicle and is staffed appropriately (is there enough space in the vehicle for any additional guides?). Tip: every activity created on Peek has the person 'No Staff' automatically applied as the staff member to the session. You can select the filter 'No Staff' combined with 'Hide Activities Without Bookings' to view any staffing gaps. You can also filter by each vehicle in turn to check for missing vehicles on the logistics. 

All group bookings information is stored on the SOS. When creating a new session double check if there are any conflicts on the SOS Logistics page.

Perk Pricing

To make a booking with perks you should enter the promo code: MRFA8IVE to reduce the price by 50% For staff bookings you should override the price to 0.00

Gift Vouchers

Vouchers are handled using Shopify and can be redeemed against adventure or retail products. TYF vouchers are valid for one year from date of issue and are non-refundable. 

Customers wishing to use a voucher to buy an adventure online will have to request it is transferred on to Peek system first or alternatively book their adventure over the phone with a member of staff.
  • On Shopify back end click Products > Gift Cards 

  • Find the relevant gift card from the list and then click it to bring up the voucher details. 

  • Add a note and initials: "JM: Transferred to Peek"

  • Disable the voucher in Shopify.

  • Click hereto create a voucher code on Peek and use the code CODECODE on the checkout screen to discount the price by 100%. The voucher code will be sent to
  • Send this voucher code onto the customer to use during the activity purchase on the website.


We accept Buy A Gift and Red Letter Day vouchers as payment for our adventures. Buy A Gift recently bought Red Letter Day so the processing instructions are the same for both origin of vouchers.
  • Go to the backend of Buy A Gift and login. Login details are saved on TeamsID

  • Select 'Add booking'

  • Enter Voucher number

  • In the voucher details box check all the information, and confirm the pricing and validity.

  • If all is correct, validate voucherand complete: customer name, phone number and date of activity then add booking to account.

  • Buy A Gift is automoatically invoiced and reconciles the balance on the 20th of the following month. 

  • Helpline: 020 8275 5220

  • On Peek select 'Voucher' as payment method and enter the voucher number. 

TYF are routinely approached to provide raffle prizes and giveaways. Our standard give away is an adventure only gift card. These can only be approved by a member of the management team. 
  • Click here to create a voucher code on Peek and use the code CODECODE on the checkout screen to discount the price by 100%. The voucher code will be sent to

  • You can either send this voucher code onto the customer or alternatively write it into one of the TYF cards under the shop desk. 


Refunds should only be issued with manager approval
If we have to cancel you should try to issue a gift card in the first instance or a refund if circumstances dictate. Full terms and conditions can be seen here. If a customer cancels then charges apply as follows: 
  • Up to 15 days - 100% Refund 

  • 14 days to 8 days - 50% Refund 

  • Less than 7 days before - 0% Refund

If a refund has been approved by a manager then follow this process:
  • Find the customer's booking in Peek (Customers > Search)

  • Select 'Cancel / Refund' 

  • Enter the refund policy or custom refund amount

  • Press 'Refund Only' or 'Cancel without refund' as appropriate. 

Registration Forms

Customers are emailed a registration form with their booking confirmation email. They should be encouraged to complete this online before arrival. 

If a customer has not yet completed their registration form they can do so on the ipads. 

Back up forms should be on hand for group bookings and in case technology fails. Registration forms can be found here.

When a booking has been handled through the SOS the lead contact will have distributed a google form which in turn completes the spreadsheet on the SOS. For more information on this process see 'Group FAQs' wiki page. 

If a guest tries to register more than one person with the same email address then Peek will show an error message. To get around this they should click the box 'I am the guardian' on the waiver form and then proceed to complete the participant information. Full instructions can be found here.


We have agreed rates with Celtic Camping and St. Davids Bunk Barns for group accommodation. For 2020 both charge us £20+VAT for room only and £40+VAT for full board accommodation. They are willing to negotiate on a case by case basis. Our preferred suppliers of accommodation are found here

Third Party Providers

St. Davids Bug Farm (Correct as of March 2020)

8 – 19 people: £10 per person

20 - 49 people: £9 per person 

50+ people : £8.50 per person 

All prices are subject to VAT 

Surcharges apply for groups under 8 people.

All groups must be booked in advance.


Grub Kitchen (Correct as of March 2020)

Scanning / File storage

The following paper work needs to be scanned in and saved on the google drive and then shredded at the end of each day.

- Registration forms

- Session record forms

- Daily briefings

- Accident and near miss forms

- Vehicle logs

Please save all documents HERE in the relevant year and document folder.