Antenatal Leave


  • This policy outlines the statutory rights and responsibilities of employees to take time off to attend antenatal appointments. It does not apply to the self-employed.

If you are pregnant

  • If you are pregnant you may take reasonable paid time off during working hours for antenatal appointments.

  • You should try to give as much notice as possible of the appointment. We may ask you to provide the following, unless it is the first appointment: 

    • a certificate from the doctor, midwife or health visitor stating that you are pregnant; and

    • an appointment card.

Accompanying a pregnant woman

  • Eligibility: You may take time off to accompany a pregnant woman to an antenatal appointment if you have a "qualifying relationship" with the woman or the child. This means that either:

    • you are the baby's father.

    • you are the pregnant woman's spouse, civil partner or cohabiting partner OR are living with her in an enduring family relationship and she is not your sister, mother, grandmother, aunt or niece.

    • she has undergone assisted conception and at that time you were her wife or civil partner or gave the required legal notices to be treated in law as the second female parent.

    • you are one of the intended parents in a surrogacy arrangement and expect to obtain a parental order in respect of the child.

  • How to book time off: You should give us as much notice of the appointment as possible. You must provide your line manager with a signed statement providing the date and time of the appointment and confirming:

    • That you meet one of the eligibility criteria outlined above. 

    • That the purpose of the time off is to accompany the pregnant woman to an antenatal appointment; and

    • That the appointment has been made on the advice of a registered medical practitioner, registered midwife or registered nurse.

  • Amount of time off:

    • You may take time off to accompany a pregnant woman to up to two antenatal appointments in relation to each pregnancy.

    • You must not take more than six and a half hours off for each appointment, including travel and waiting time.

    • Time off to attend these appointments is paid for up to six and half hours' absence on no more than two occasions in relation to each pregnancy.

    • Further time off for antenatal appointments is at the Company's absolute discretion.