Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Alcohol & Drug Abuse

  • We are committed to providing a safe, healthy and productive working environment for all our staff, customers and visitors. This includes ensuring that all staff are fit to carry out their jobs safely and effectively in a working environment which is free from alcohol and drug misuse.

  • All staff are expected to arrive at work fit to carry out their jobs and to be able to perform their duties safely without any limitations due to the use or after effects of alcohol or drugs (whether prescribed, over the counter or illegal).

  • We recognise that some of our staff may become dependent on alcohol or drugs. We also recognise that such dependencies can be successfully treated. Whilst we wish to promote a culture which understands the problems associated with alcohol and drug misuse and encourage staff with dependency problems to seek help and support, we will not accept staff arriving at work under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and/or whose ability to work is impaired in any way by reason of the consumption of alcohol or drugs, or who consume alcohol or take drugs (other than prescription or over the counter medication, as directed) on our premises. We may take disciplinary action, which could lead to dismissal, against anyone who breaches the Company's policy on alcohol and drug misuse.

  • You should not drink alcohol during the normal working day, at lunchtime, at other official breaks nor at official work-based meetings and events. Drinking alcohol whilst at work without authorisation or working under the influence of alcohol may be considered serious misconduct.

  • You are not allowed to use illegal or non-prescribed drugs or controlled substances on Company premises. Being in possession of such drugs or substances during working hours and or attending work under their influence is not allowed. If a problem of drug misuse or abuse arises, the Company must abide by its responsibilities within the law. It would be an offence for the Company to knowingly permit illegal drugs to be used, kept or supplied on the premises.

  • We expect all our staff to comply with the drink-driving legislation at all times. Our reputation will be damaged if you are convicted of a drink-driving offence and, if your job requires you to drive and you lose your licence, you may be unable to continue to do your job. Committing a drink-driving offence outside or during working hours or while working for us may lead to action under our Disciplinary Procedure and could result in dismissal.

  • If you are prescribed medication you must seek advice from your GP or pharmacist about the possible effect on your ability to carry out your job and whether your duties should be modified or you should be temporarily reassigned to a different role. If so you must tell your Manager without delay.

  • We reserve the right to conduct searches for alcohol or drugs, including, but not limited to, searches of lockers, filing cabinets and desks, packages sent to our address or any other property on our premises. Any alcohol or drugs found as a result of a search will be confiscated and action may be taken under the Disciplinary Procedure.


  • We are committed to protecting your health, safety and welfare and that of all those who work for us by providing a safe place of work and protecting all workers, service users, customers and visitors from exposure to smoke. 

  • All of our workplaces (including our vehicles) are smoke-free and all staff and visitors have a right to a smoke-free environment. 

  • Smoking is banned at our workplace, including any company vehicles. The ban applies to anything that can be smoked and includes, but is not limited to, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, pipes (including water pipes such as shisha and hookah pipes), cigars and herbal cigarettes.  

  • Breaches of this policy will be dealt with under our Disciplinary Procedure and, in serious cases, may be treated as gross misconduct leading to summary dismissal.

  • Smoking in smoke-free premises or vehicles is also a criminal offence and may result in a fixed penalty fine and/or prosecution.