Matt Bray


“I’m a highly energetic, passionate outdoor enthusiast. Born in Essex, I trundled through my school life looking for something more exciting than your average mundane lifestyle, after going on an adventure break with school in year 8 and 9 to Cornwall, it occurred to me that i could get paid to have fun! So I moved to Pembrokeshire and was completely taken back by the sheer beauty of the coastline, compared to the Essex coast I was in heaven! I tried going to college but the whole time I was longing for more. This is when I started my apprenticeship at Pembrokshire Adventure Centre in outdoor pursuits aged 17, where I shadowed and worked with some of the top instructors in their fields which was a huge bonus, as they were constantly pushing me to progress both personally and professionally. This where I became completely hooked on all aspects of the great outdoors.

Now I`m 21 and I`m still loving it, constantly looking for my next big fun adventure!”

What’s your next big personal project?

To get out and play any chance I get, Pembs is one big playground! Also I’m keen to explore a new part of the world this winter!

Where is your favourite place?

Anywhere with a good view and some good people 🙂

Who motivates you?

My Friends and family definitely do, but also I love going to the adventure film festivals where I get inspired to do some crazy stuff of my own

What’s your speciality?

Surfing and Coasteering.. just cant get enough of the impact zone!