Levi Hobby


I’ve always been an adventurous person. Growing up in a rural seaside town with opportunities all around, I couldn’t help but be swept into the adventure lifestyle. My sports at a young age were always fluctuating between various land and water based activities – with my personal favourite being surfing.

I chose the university approach into the outdoors, studying at UCLAN. Once they swept me away to the rolling mountains and white water rivers of Snowdonia, having mentors such as Loel Collins and Ray Goodwin really inspired me to progress my professional and tactical development. The outdoors is an ever changing diverse environment which offers different experiences such as adventure, everyone should experience!!

What’s your next big personal project?

Self efficient canoe expedition from Killin to Perth – 6 days

Where is your favourite place?

Pembrokeshire – always will be due to the beautiful countryside

Who motivates you?

Self motivated

What’s your speciality?

White water canoe