Legacy… Well that is a word that has been banded about quite a lot recently.

With the roaring success of the London Olympic and Paralympic games still ringing in our ears, it it time to reflect on what Legacy truly means. Inspire a generation… that’s one hell of a tagline, personally I think the games have done just that, they certainly inspired me. For over 2 decades the passing generations of TYF team members have strived for our legacy to be that of inspiration. Today we are focused on inspiring the younger generation to become radical change makers fuelled with knowledge and passion for the natural world around them.

Just the other week we received a welcome reminder of a previous legacy we had created through past adventures, through a returning customer Ken. Ken first visited us in 1987 and was returning for a days adventuring with his son in law Hugo 25 years later.

Here are Ken’s thoughts on his adventures with TYF both past and present…

“Both my son-in-law, Hugo, and I agree that it was an absolutely fantastic day – one we shall certainly never forget. It was, of course, helped by the wonderful weather, but two other factors contributed enormously. The first, and most important, was the outstanding leadership and instruction provided by you and Rob. We were given sufficient guidance and oversight at all times to feel completely safe – but were never prevented from being somewhat adventurous and doing a bit of exploring on our own. A fine balance to strike – and you got it just right.

The second factor was that it was a delightful and well-balanced group – everyone was capable and helpful – no one ‘showed off’ or took silly risks.

A truly magnificent TYF day – heartfelt thanks from Hugo and from me.

Having looked at the website, I discover Twr-y-Felin (as was called then) started in 1986, when Andrew Middleton bought the property in St Davids. One year later, in 1987, Annette and I and our two daughters, Harriet (13) and Lizzy (12) stayed in Cedar Cottage overlooking Newgale Sands. There must have been a flyer for Twr-y-Felin in the cottage because in 1987 we did Canadian canoeing (with some jumping), mountain biking and, most significantly, started windsurfing. We began on a farmer’s reservoir and then progressed to Whitesands Bay (in hindsight, learning to windsurf on the sea is a real challenge!). The four of us continued to windsurf, mainly at a club on a large reclaimed gravel pit near Cambridge. After a few years, Annette and my daughters gave up, but, 25 years later, I continue to windsurf, going out to Vassiliki – often twice a year. It is true to say that Twr -y-Felin started me on a sport that was to become one of the passions of my life.

In 1989 we returned, staying in a stone cottage overlooking Whitesands Bay. This time, my daughters and I did sea kayaking, coasteering and absailing with TYF. By this time, I had my own Tiga Swift windsurfer, which I sailed on Whitesands Bay”.

Ken back heading out kayaking in 1987…

Ken 25 years on!!

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