John Byrom

Head of Adventure

As a wee boy John grew up in Bury, Greater Manchester taking tiny steps exploring the West Pennine Moors and Lake District alongside his scout father (only the District Commissioner for Bury!) as his source of inspiration for the rugged outdoor life.

It was at the tender age of 4, John also discovered a love for the wet stuff and with webbed feet and fully functioning gills he set about competing with his local swimming team, soon becoming a well established water baby and competing on a national level. Not allowing this confidence in the water to go to waste, John followed his head and his heart to Pembrokeshire when he was 16 years old to indulge his passions and train alongside some of the coolest and most qualified adventure guides in the UK. This experience came courtesy of tyf, where Johns adventure with the outdoors took flight, broadening his horizons past the rivers and mountains of the North to the wild and rugged coastline of West Wales.

17 years later, John has lost some hair, but has gained qualifications, local knowledge and a passion for Pembrokeshire and its coastline which has served as his playground and office. Whilst John continues to share his passion and learning through his work, he is now embarking on his next challenge of teaching his gorgeous baby daughter how to play and be safe in the outdoor world…will she follow in his footsteps?

What’s your next big personal project?

To hopefully pass on some of my passion for adventure to my one year old daughter and spend as much time with her in the outdoors as possible.

Where is your favourite place?

Nolton Haven headland

Who motivates you?

Friends and family, especially my wife

What’s your speciality?

With 17 years of epic adventures coasteering under my belt, I may well be one of the most experienced coasteer guides in the UK.