Emlyn Price


I’ve always been involved in the outdoors, my earliest memories are of being carried around on my dads back exploring and walking around my home in the black mountains.I spent a lot of time growing up and exploring the nature around my home in the summer I probably spent more time outside of my house than in it. I was also really lucky to have spent a lot of time growing up in my second home Pembrokeshire on family holidays exploring the coast and beaches.

I always knew I wanted to be outdoors and was given the chance to study outdoor adventure education at university which has allowed me to study and live in Norway for 6 months which was an amazing experience and has since allowed me to work and live in other countries like Iceland and go on amazing trips mountain biking and climbing to France and Switzerland.

I love exploring and pushing my own mental and physical limits, for me being in the outdoors is purely about enjoying yourself and learning some things along the way. If I can have a great day out walking with friends exploring I’ll take that over climbing a mountain any day (although I do like doing that as well).

What’s your next big personal project?

Climbing: I’m looking forward to exploring Pembrokeshire from a different perspective and pushing my limits at the same time!

Where is your favourite place?

Outside anywhere – sea, mountains, rivers

Who motivates you?

Friends & Family, Myself – if I set a challenge im usually pretty driven to accomplish it

What’s your speciality?

Jack of all trades