Ella Sutton


“I have grown up on a farm in this beautiful part of Pembrokeshire. I learnt to love adventuring when we would go on family outings in the boat; kayaking, coasteering, cliff jumping and picnicking. Dad would motivate us by saying “It’s only for the brave” so me and my brother would be determined to follow suit and show that we could do whatever he did! I continue to love being in or on the sea – rowing, swimming and coasteering being my favourites, and off the water competing in swimming, horse riding and mud running as well as learning to climb!

September takes me to start University where I’m going to study ‘Outdoor Adventure Education and Management’, I’m looking forward to having some awesome adventures and learning along the way too.”

What’s your next big personal project?

In July I’m competing in Denmark as part of the GB team for the Atlantic Challenge International Contest of Seamanship

Where is your favourite place?

Blue Lagoon; watching the sunset and being on Ramsey Island

Who motivates you?

Parents, brother and friends

What’s your speciality?