Ella Sibbering


Ella first fell in love with the Pembrokeshire coast on family holidays as a young girl. She began coasteering with TYF as soon as she was old enough and when the opportunity for work experience came up, she jumped on it.

With a passion for wildlife and adventure, Ella headed off to see more of the world, this has now taken her from South Africa to Honduras. After seeing plenty of wildlife from Elephants to Sea Turtles, she has returned to the UK to study a degree in Zoology at Cardiff. Still close enough to escape to the coast for weekends of adventure, and to spend her summers back in Pembrokeshire, for more beach BBQs, sunsets and awesome adventures with TYF.

What’s your next big personal project?

Travelling down the west coast of Europe

Where is your favourite place?

As long I’m in the sea, then I’m happy

Who motivates you?

Friends and family, or anyone that has a get up and go attitude

What’s your speciality?