Dean Jensen


Dean is enthusiastic, sporty and loves adventure, so outdoor instructing was the perfect job for him! Dean say’s he has been lucky enough to travel around the world and has seen many beautiful places but found Pembrokeshire to offer the best of both worlds…landscape similar to New Zealand but close enough to family with a really friendly community. Dean has been an outdoor instructor in Pembrokeshire for 12 years and began his career at TYF – he’s excited to have returned to the company!

“I enjoy leading surfing, kayaking and coasteering sessions to enable people to really experience Pembrokeshire’s fantastic coastline and all that the area has to offer. It’s amazing to surf or kayak alongside baby seals who are inquisitive in their nature and curious to explore and play – some of my most memorable experiences have been on the local coastline! Every session is an opportunity for a new adventure!”

What’s your next big personal project?

Landscaping the garden before my son learns to run!

Where is your favourite place?

Wanaka in New Zealand

Who motivates you?

My wife & son

What’s your speciality?

Living life to the full & enjoying every moment! I’m also well known for my cleaning skills! 🙂