Curiosity | Love | Adventure

Curiosity | Love | Adventure

Simple words lie at the heart of TYF Adventure‘s purpose, capturing a desire to inspire a wonder of nature and community, a love for life and all living things, and a sense of adventure as compass for imagining and doing what others think is impossible

My three decades as a Director at the amazing TYF came to an end today as Sarah Middleton and I happily, and humbly, handed over the reins as TYF entered a new era as an employee-owned business, with 51% of the shares in the new business now held by an Employee Ownership Trust.

With unfaltering and patient legal help from Patrick Andrews and the team at Wales Co-operative Centre, TYF’s new Directors, Darren SpacieSamantha Minas and Jeff Loo are supported by  Jetske Germing Tom Luddington John Byrom Nayfe Slusjan Stacy Marklew and Julian Orchard and the equally passionate and professional team of freelance adventure guides and HQ staff who work with TYF seasonally.

TYF’s goals are built on hope and radical pragmatism. Thousands more young people will grow towards better futures with impact learning challenges set by fellow B Corps, Unreasonable Impact & the DO lectures businesses. The adventures that the TYF was built on – coasteering, sea kayaking, surfing and climbing continue to be the attractors as TYF run its dating agency for nature through adventures on this wild coast. With the help of PatagoniaThoughtSherpa Adventure Gear UK and other positive suppliers, TYF continues to explore the boundaries of ethical clothing, circular economy and #WornWear. TYF’s work on enterprise stays focused on helping good companies grow, reinventing business models and building sustainable innovation into the DNA of work.

My new role is as Chief Exploration Officer, finding new possibilities and projects for the team to work on, and extending TYF’s already vibrant networks. To start that process, Sarah & I are fitting out a Mercedes Sprinter and heading to Spain & Portugal for a couple of months of writing, walking, surf & coast time.

Curiosity, love & adventure will be at the heart our own journey, and in everything we do going forwards. Can’t wait.

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