The eduCAT programme takes real world problem-solving into schools with a fully funded programme of workshops that develop aspiration, insight and employability, through the lens of sustainability and resilience. The process is specifically designed to help pupils explore and solve business and community challenges identified by local business, public sector employers and the students themselves.

Mission: Transform young people in the UK into sustainable innovation change makers.
Method: Problem based learning, eco-literacy and innovation. Solving real world challenges in a school setting.
Impact: The programme launches across Pembrokeshire in 2013, every secondary school in the county is involved enabling 14,000 students to participate over 3 years.

How do we give our future leaders a fundamental understanding of the challenges they will be facing?

Real challenges are the central theme around which the eduCAT sessions revolve. A full day of interactive brainstorming, risk-taking and problem-based learning activities transform ideas into real solutions. The solutions are further developed, over a four week period, into a business plan that is both feasible and demonstrates social, economic and environmental sustainability. The solutions are pitched back to the challengers in a second workshop, the pupils receive feedback and the best ideas are further developed and implemented by the challenge setter.

The eduCAT workshops help build a key set of skills around thinking, questioning, leadership and collaboration and apply them to challenges relating to food, carbon, energy, biodiversity and resources. The process will give young people a solid grounding in areas of critical concern to leaders in business and government who are balancing the demands of today whilst planning for the challenges of tomorrow.

TYF Connect

The eduCAT project is part of TYF Connect, a social enterprise (CIC) that aims to provide education, enterprise and innovation for sustainable transformation to three key audiences: a) school pupils & students, b) community groups, c) social enterprises.

eduCAT draws upon TYF’s extensive experience as a leading education and sustainable innovation organisation. TYF have been teaching leadership, creativity and the value of our environment, through experiences and activities set in wild nature, eduCAT brings these skills, ideas and passion to the classroom.

The school workshops are delivered by an enthusiastic and knowledgable team that lead the pupils through a structured programme of exercises and activities that are interactive and high energy. Each activity builds upon previous study and updates it with cutting edge insights.

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The eduCAT programme is sponsored by:
The TYF Group

Further support is provided by the eduCAT challenge setters:
The National Trust
Prince’s Gate Water
Bluestone Wales